Alfa Chance Scholarship Program

Alfa Chance Program provides 30 grants for the best Russian students. It brings together the most gifted young people from all over the country.

We believe that there are many smart and free students in Russia. They will launch innovative startups, build cities of the future and make our planet cleaner. We look for such young people and help them to make the most of their abilities. We give them a chance to become the best in what they do and in what they want to be.

Each year the program selects 30 gifted students from across the country, who are granted a scholarship of 300 000 ₽.

Sometimes, one very simple thing is needed to become the best professional – which is money. Alfa Chance fellows can spend 300 000 ₽ on an internship or on a powerful computer for working with 3D graphics, or they might use the money to launch their own project.

The program creates an environment where smart and free students interact with each other and with our experts: entrepreneurs and managers. The program also offers an internship at Alfa-Bank.

To become a fellow, one should be a third- or fourth-year student of a Russian university. An applicant should present the motivation letter or video together with a set of documents, telling his/her story and the purpose why they would need the scholarship.

The fellows are selected by the jury made of experts from Alfa-Bank, leading universities, and Russian and international companies. Among them are the head of Facebook Russia, investment director of Group, head of marketing and communications of Alfa-Bank and others.