Alfa-Bank Investor Confidence Index

Alfa-Bank presents a First Leading Indicator of Portfolio and Strategic Investment towards Russia — Alfa-Bank Investor Confidence Index (AB-ICI)

December 2017

AB-ICI: Fundamentals against the market
AB-ICI: Fundamentals against the market
ab_ici_12_2017.pdf, 273.8 KB
November 2017
Divergent trends
ab_ici_11_2017.pdf, 224.1 KB
August 2017
AB-ICI: Trends unchanged
ab_ici_08_2017.pdf, 221.8 KB
July 2017
AB-ICI: economic fundamentals against index growth
ab_ici_07_2017.pdf, 223.0 KB
June 2017
AB-ICI: Disappointing development
ab_ici_06_2017.pdf, 214.1 KB
May 2017
AB-ICI: Gap to RTS narrows
ab_ici_05_2017.pdf, 219.9 KB
April 2017
AB-ICI: Ceiling hinders RTS growth
ab_ici_04_2017.pdf, 282.3 KB
February 2017
AB-ICI: RTS still deviates from fundamentals
ab_ici_02_2017.pdf, 279.6 KB