Alfa-Bank Investor Confidence Index

Alfa-Bank presents a First Leading Indicator of Portfolio and Strategic Investment towards Russia — Alfa-Bank Investor Confidence Index (AB-ICI)

October 2016

AB-ICI: Deviation from RTS in focus
AB-ICI: Deviation from RTS in focus
ab_ici_10_2016.pdf, 237.3 KB
September 2016
AB-ICI: Moving sideways
ab_ici_09_2016.pdf, 226.0 KB
June 2016
AB-ICI: Support from fundamentals needed
ab_ici_06_2016.pdf, 315.7 KB
April 2016
AB-ICI: Adjustment Nears Completion
ab_ici_04_2016.pdf, 320.0 KB
February 2016
AB-ICI: Stabilizing on Better Market Sentiment
ab_ici_02_2016.pdf, 337.7 KB
January 2016
AB-ICI: Recovery Postponed, Not Cancelled
ab_ici_01_2016.pdf, 257.8 KB