Alfa-Bank Investor Confidence Index

Alfa-Bank presents a First Leading Indicator of Portfolio and Strategic Investment towards Russia — Alfa-Bank Investor Confidence Index (AB-ICI)

December 2011

AB-ICI: Political Risks in Focus
AB-ICI: Political Risks in Focus
November 2011
AB-ICI: A temporary recovery
October 2011
AB-ICI: Risks of Further Capital Outflow Remain
September 2011
AB-ICI: Succumbed to the Market Downturn
August 2011
AB-ICI: FDI provides little support
July 2011
AB-ICI: A Modest Recovery
June 2011
AB-ICI: Capital Outflow Still on the Agenda
May 2011
AB-ICI: Stagnant on Capital Outflow
April 2011
AB-ICI: Slide Continues due to Market Forces
March 2011
AB-ICI: Decline predicted by fundamentals
February 2011
AB-ICI: Mixed picture behind index growth
January 2011
AB-ICI: Good start, but prospects cloudy