Alfa-Bank Investor Confidence Index

Alfa-Bank presents a First Leading Indicator of Portfolio and Strategic Investment towards Russia — Alfa-Bank Investor Confidence Index (AB-ICI)

October 2008

AB-ICI: Hoping for ruble stability
AB-ICI: Hoping for ruble stability
September 2008
AB-ICI: Continued Decline
August 2008
AB-ICI: A Crisis of Confidence
July 2008
AB-ICI: Falling with Financial Markets
June 2008
AB-ICI: Disregarding Capital Inflow
May 2008
AB-ICI: Under Inflationary Pressure
April 2008
AB-ICI: Threatened by Lower Capital Inflow
March 2008
AB-ICI: Recovering With Capital Inflows
February 2008
AB-ICI: Depressed by Weak Deposits Growth
January 2008
AB-ICI: Following Capital Outflows