Alfa-Bank Investor Confidence Index

Alfa-Bank presents a First Leading Indicator of Portfolio and Strategic Investment towards Russia — Alfa-Bank Investor Confidence Index (AB-ICI)

December 2004

AB-ICI 2004: Optimism Not Shared by the Market
The dynamic of 2004 showed the opposite: the AB-ICI rose backed by a substantial increase in FDI flows, penetration by foreign banks, and an increasing number of IPOs. These improvements, however, were not appreciated by the market, which believes that FDI is merely a reflection of Russians’ willingness to sell. This deterioration of perception is the key unknown that dominates our 2005 outlook.
AB-ICI 2004: Optimism Not Shared by the Market
ab_ici_12_2004.pdf, 275.1 KB
November 2004
AB-ICI November: Accelerating at Year’s End
ab_ici_11_2004.pdf, 180.7 KB
October 2004
AB-ICI October: Banking Crisis Overcome
ab_ici_10_2004.pdf, 276.4 KB
September 2004
AB-ICI September: Up on Foreign Borrowing
ab_ici_09_2004.pdf, 176.4 KB
August 2004
AB-ICI August: Falling to May’s Level
ab_ici_08_2004.pdf, 277.7 KB
July 2004
AB-ICI July: FDI Offsets Market Weakness
ab_ici_07_2004.pdf, 265.8 KB
June 2004
AB-ICI June: Relaxing after 10% Jump
ab_ici_06_2004.pdf, 282.2 KB
May 2004
AB-ICI May: Index up 10% on Foreign Activity
ab_ici_05_2004.pdf, 230.4 KB
April 2004
AB-ICI April: Two IPOs Pushed the Index Up
ab_ici_04_2004.pdf, 236.6 KB
March 2004
AB-ICI March: Focus on CBR Exchange Policy
ab_ici_03_2004.pdf, 269.1 KB
February 2004
AB-ICI February: Index Flat on Cabinet Dismissal
ab_ici_02_2004.pdf, 227.3 KB
January 2004
AB-ICI: Further Growth Requires Transparency
ab_ici_01_2004.pdf, 130.1 KB