Structured Products

Alfa-bank offers a wide range of Hybrid Products combining fixed income instruments with derivative strategies for different client types and situations, both on asset and liability sides.

On the asset side, our current offering includes:

  • Structured Bonds under the Russian law listed on Moscow Exchange. We are ready to issue full list of principal protected products, which can be linked to different asset classes, including equities, currencies and commodities. Structured Bonds are characterized by a possibility to trade very small tickets, starting from 1000 rubles, euro or US dollars, that ideally fits them for retail distribution, especially given that under current regulation they can be distributed to non-qualified investors. However, our Structured Bonds platform can also be used for tailor-made issuances for corporate clients and sizes start from as low as 500m Rubles.
  • Dual-currency deposits for corporates. This product is quite well known for many Russian corporates as an attractive alternative to vanilla deposits. We are very active on this market, providing flexibility in conditions and competitive pricing.
  • Indexed deposits for corporates. Many investment ideas that are doable in a Structured Bonds format can also be wrapped as indexed deposits. Some clients prefer this format as it is more familiar to them and easier from operational perspective.

On a liability side we are happy to offer structured solutions that allow to substantially decrease cost of financing without exposing clients to unnatural to them and potentially toxic risks, based mostly on FX and interest rates derivatives. Our experienced team is always ready to dig deep in the client’s situation and offer a solution that ideally suits to this particular case.

We are dedicated to growth of our Structured Products platform and constantly seek opportunities to broaden our product offering and develop the best service for our clients.


Yulia Lapshina
Head of structured products
+7 (495) 783-5033


Alexander Mikhaylov
Vice President
+7 (495) 974-2515 (ехt.(011) 6563)

Artemiy Samoylov
+7 (495) 795-3708