Fixed Income

Alfa’s Fixed Income Division is privileged to deliver investment services on domestic and global markets to institutional clients such as banks, corporates, asset management companies, hedge funds, insurance companies and private investors.

We have a qualified expertise and vast knowledge not only in Russian markets but in Global markets as well. We are dedicated to providing clients with an easy access to a diverse range of investment products, services and advice.

Bond trading

We provide clients with an efficient corporate and sovereign bonds execution service both in Russian and CIS local markets.

We have a wealth of experience in trading cash bonds, including investment grade, high-yield and distressed securities. Our impartiality and dedication enable us to deliver best opportunities to our clients depending on their investment objectives.

Access to primary bond placements

Our team of highly professional brokers and analysts provides an easy and efficient access to primary bonds markets allowing our clients to participate in initial bond placements worldwide. We are committed to supply our clients with real-time information and analysis of global markets on daily basis.

Lending and borrowing

Depending on client’s investment objectives a client may require to borrow or lend securities/cash. Most often borrowing or lending of securities is settled via REPO deals. By using REPO deals as a financing source clients can optimize their cash-flow and increase their portfolio performance.

Alfa’s Fixed Income Division has an experience of over 15 years in providing financing to institutional and private investors at competitive interest rates.

We provide:

  • Financing on variable, open and fixed term basis;
  • Financing in major global currencies;
  • Financing for clients at initial bond placements;
  • Margin trading for a wide range of underlying assets.


  • We focus on Customer demands.


Mikhail Grachev
Head of Capital Markets
+7 (495) 785-7404
+7 (495) 783-5104

Vladislav Korzan
Head of Fixed Income
+7 (495) 783-5103

Olga Parkina
Fixed Income Sales & Trading, Repo
+7 (495) 785-7409
+7 (495) 783-5109

Dmitriy Matvievskiy
Fixed Income Sales & Trading, Repo
+7 (495) 974-2515 (ext. 8831)

Sergey Osmachek
Domestic Fixed Income Trading
+7 (495) 785-7402

Egor Romanchenko
Foreign Fixed Income Trading (Eurobonds)
+7 (495) 786-4897

Maria Vazanova
Securities Finance, Repo
+7 (495) 974-2515 (ext. 4914)

Gudkov Pavel
+7 (495) 974-2515 (ext. 6969)