Debt Capital Market

Russian Domestic Bonds

Alfa-Bank is a leader in the origination and underwriting of bonds for Russian corporate issuers.

Alfa-Bank provides the following services in bond origination:

  • Assistance in preparing a borrowing program that addresses capital needs over time.
  • Liability management, including public tenders for outstanding bonds.
  • Assistance in preparation of prospectuses and other required documentation.
  • Arranging roadshows and investor presentations.
  • Acting as “technical underwriter” (managing settlement) during primary placements.
  • Managing settlement of put options.

Executed projects


Alfa-Bank acts as a Joint Lead Manager both for its own Eurobond issuance (in USD, EUR and RUB) as well as for Russian corporate clients

  • Alfa-Bank provides greater access to Russian domestic investors than global banks.
  • Will consider firm underwriting commitments.
  • Is able to provide post-settlement market-making at agreed upon bid ask spreads.
  • Has good access to international buyers of Russian corporate risk.


Alfa-Bank acts as an arranger of syndicated loans for corporate clients and banks of the Russian and CIS economy.

Alfa-Bank has been No. 1 Bookrunner among Russian banks since 2014 (source: Bloomberg).

Alfa-Bank has large number of contacts among Russian and foreign partner banks what allows us to arrange syndications both with the Russian and foreign capital. To this day Alfa-Bank closed multiple projects on the Russian and international syndicated loan markets in the amount exceeding $5 bln.

Syndicated loan is an effective instrument to make the company’s public history on the international capital markets. It allows our clients to efficiently structure credit portfolios and reduce administration and transaction costs.

Alfa’s market position and its capacity on the loan market allow our clients to receive financing in large amounts under favorable interest rates within the shortest possible time. The single unified credit documentation reduces paper work and shortens approval process.

Executed projects


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Head of DCM
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Vice President
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Vice President
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Vice President
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