Corporate Finance

We provide broad range of advisory services in mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and equity capital markets

Our principal products:

Advisory on Divestures, Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers

We assist our clients in:

  • Developing appropriate strategy and tactics of the transaction
  • Searching for buyers and/or targets for acquisitions
  • Carrying out valuation of business and presenting recommendations regarding pricing
  • Negotiations of major terms and of structure of transactions
  • Co-ordinate subcontractors (legal, financial and other advisors)
  • Analysing financing options, recommend optimal method for financing the transaction
  • Preparation of optimal transaction structures and legal documentation
  • Effecting closing and settlements of transactions

Private Placements of shares among limited number of qualified investors

We provide the following services:

  • Preparation of marketing documentation
  • Marketing and organisation of road shows among potential investors
  • Analysis of and advice on proposals from potential investors
  • Organisation and co-ordination of due diligence procedures
  • Negotiation of terms, including the size of investment and the structure of the transaction
  • Organisation of settlements between the parties, closing of the transaction

Initial Public Offerings (IPO) and Secondary Public Offerings (SPO) with MOEX and international listings

Core services in IPO / SPO processes:

  • Support the Client at the offering preparation process
  • Liaison with stock exchanges and relevant authorities
  • Advising on capital structure
  • Advise on corporate governance
  • Equity story and positioning
  • Valuation of business for the purpose of the transaction
  • Coverage of both institutional investors and retail tranche distribution
  • Pilot fishing and pre-sounding if required
  • Research report and pre-marketing
  • Organization of road-shows
  • Pricing, closing and post-closing support
  • Market Making
  • Settlement execution



Alexander Zakharchenko
Managing Director, Head of Corporate Finance and Merchant Banking
+ 7 (495) 745-7075

Evgeny Spektor
Vice President, Corporate Finance and Merchant Banking
+ 7 (495) 745-7075

Alexey Gashkov
Vice President, Corporate Finance and Merchant Banking
+ 7 (495) 745-7075

Maria Davydovskaya
Director Equity Capital Markets
+7 (495) 745-7075