Brokerage Services

Alfa-Direct is a broker division of Alfa-Bank, which provides a handy access to a variety of investment choices in real time from anywhere in the world. Our proprietary web and mobile platforms give clients everything they need to research stocks, place trades, and manage their portfolio. Our experts help clients find appropriate solutions and stay at the forefront of comfort investing. We share with clients our market views; interpretations of international markets to assist investors understand their implications.

We offer a range of educational resources like individual videos and courses to make smarter investing decisions.

Why investors choose Alfa-Direct?

  • One of the best brokerage firms, according to MOEX
  • Has its own trading platform and provides access through QUIK
  • Allows back testing of robotics solutions and provides development trading software
  • Offers research tools and market consultations
  • Fast transactions between banks and trading accounts
  • Quick transfers between Russian banks


Sergey Rybakov
Head of Alfa-Direct

Olga Babina
Head of Wealthy Customer Division
+7 (495) 974-2515

Valeriy Kremnev
Head of High Volume Customer Division
+7 (495) 795-3680

Sergey Karakhanyan
Head of Personal Broker Division
+7 (495) 620-9191


Dmitry Eremin
Head of Robotics Solution
+7 (495) 974-2515

Matvey Vakorin
Product Head
+7 (495) 783-5154

Irina Fadeeva

Head of Sales
+7 (495) 974 -2515

Geldy Soyunov
Chief Analyst
+7 (495) 641-3673