Overdraft Facility

Settlement in Russia is executed through multiple channels guided by separate schedules and requesting the participants to prudently control their payment flows in order to meet all target tenors. Meanwhile, predictable stability and solid convenience in ability to fulfill their obligations remains among key requirements for business procedures of any financial institution. In order to facilitate our clients’ capabilities in terms of instant/short-term liquidity we furnish accounts in our books with overdraft facility*.

Overdraft is granted through two integral procedures:

  • Any client’s payments get immediately executed during the day within the account balance and overdraft limit;
  • Once not covered by the end of the day remaining overdraft shall be converted into o/n+ loan at benchmark-based rate.

Being traditional and reliable instrument overdraft facility provides a decent edge in managing liquidity and payment flows through the account. In order to establish an overdraft-furnished account with Alfa-Bank and receive feedback regarding any related matters please contact us.

* Subject to Credit committee decision.


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Director, Financial Markets Sales
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VP, Financial Markets Sales
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