What is factoring?

Factoring is a range of services, which assumes the financing of the supplier under supply contract and the control of the receivables status of the Seller on supplied goods. Factoring also includes regular reminders to debtors about payment due dates, reconciliations, information on the current status of accounts receivable to suppliers, analytics on the history and current transactions.

    Factoring in Alfa-Bank will enable your company:

  • to obtain funding (without collateral) up to 100% of the value of supplied goods;
  • to ensure long-term working capital financing and to get rid of liquidity gaps;
  • to increase customer loyalty;
  • to enhance electronic document flow by using Alfa-Finance software;
  • effective accounts receivables management (payments are controlled both by the Company and a dedicated bank manager).
Factoring in details
Factoring in Alfa-Bank

    Alfa-Bank solutions help you to finance your working capital and get rid of liquidity gaps, as well as to manage effectively accounts receivable:

  • Recourse factoring
    Risk of the failed payment by the debtor is on the supplier.
  • Non-recourse factoring
    Risk of the failed payment by a debtor is on Alfa-Bank.
  • Online Factoring
    Financing based of electronic document within several hours.
  • Undisclosed Factoring
    Type of recourse factoring where the debtor is not informed about concession of receivables.
Online Factoring via Alfa-Finance

Online factoring in Alfa-Bank is implemented on a high-tech platform dedicated to the optimization of financial transactions of Alfa Bank clients. The system allows suppliers and debtors to use electronic document flow (EDF). Suppliers are financed based on electronic documents and e-signature within several hours.

    Advantages of Online Factoring in Alfa-Bank
  • Alfa-Bank deals with major EDI providers in Russia: Edisoft, Sfera (Korus), E-com Rus Excite and Diadok (SKB Kontur)covering 90% of EDF operator market.
  • Partners using electronic documents flow are the major retail chains: X5 Retail Group, METRO Cash and Carry, AuchanGroup, O’KEY, etc. and the number of debtors is growing constantly.
  • Financing — up to 100% of the receivable amount.Quick transfer of funds: from 15 minutes since the documents submission to the Bank.
  • Optimization of the client’s costs and time due to remote processing of electronic documents in the system without sending payment requests to the Bank.


Alla Moskaleva

Head of Multinational Clients Coverage