Cash Management

Payments processing

  • Accounts in RUB and other currencies
    • Fast & easy account opening with a small set of documents needed;
    • Assistance with your company registration with the Russian Tax Authority. No visit to Russia needed, we submit all necessary documents to the authorities and receive a certificate for your company
  • Documentary Transactions
    Letter of credit transactions in RUB and FCY

Remote Banking

  • Alfa Business Online
    Convenient online banking system, which provides access to your account from any PC
  • Alfa Business Mobile
    Mobile banking tool for account management from a smartphone / tablet
  • Alfa Link (1C)
    Remote account management tool for clients using 1C accounting software
  • Alfa Link (Host-to-Host)
    Host-to-Host integration channel

Payment acceptance services

  • Alfa Pay Terminals
    Terminals for card payments operations with smartphone or tablet
  • Acquiring
    Solution which provides online payments acceptance for goods and services without website fine-tuning
  • E-commerce
    Solution which provides online payments operations for goods and services without website fine-tuning
  • Online lending on your website
    Opportunity to purchase goods or services with credit funds

Bank Cards

  • Alfa Cash Cards
    Cards which simplify the operations with cash
  • International Corporate Business Cards
    Cards with helps to manage corporate expenses
  • Virtual Card
    Electronic bank card, which is being issued virtually
  • Customs Cards
    Convenient tool to pay customs duties and charges
  • PetrolPlus Card
    Card provides additional opportunities to pay at petrol at gas stations and return VAT

Tools for management of ready cash

  • Self Cash Collection
    Insert your income to the current accounts via ATM online
  • Bank Office at Your Premises
    Cash desk at the premises of your company
  • Cash Collection
    Convenient, simple and safe way to insert your income to the account in the bank
  • P2P and P2B payments via cash-in ATMs


Alla Moskaleva
Head of Multinational Clients Coverage

T. +7 (495) 974 25 15, ext. 6803