VISA International certifiesTP-CMS installment system for Alfa-Bank

This is one of the first products on the market which was designed to support the multi-functional smart-card and Internet payments. Banks in ten countries on all continents currently utilize TP-CMS. Three projects are being utilized in Russia. The Bank Processing Center came forward with system integration in Russian and foreign projects.

Alfa-Bank’s Senior Vice-President Vladimir Izutin commented, “Certification of TP-CMS in VISA International completes a routine step to begin 1999 by integrating services of all bank cards on the basis of complex solutions provided by IFS International. The solution incorporating TP-CMS and TP-II allows a single technology and program to service all local and card technologies of international standards, as well as providing the possibility to work with future technologies г EMV smart-card and Internet payments.”

Loginov stressed, “Alfa-Bank is Russia’s first that managed to value the potential of the new product on its own merit. We are happy that they could warrant the trust of the bank. Following success on the international market, IFS International’s new product gained recognition, one of the most technologically advanced among financial institutions of Russia. We hope to announce the completion of the TP-CMS certification in international payment systems for two well-known banks by the end of the year.”