Ten Seconds To Card: Alfa-Bank Services Rolled Out In Popular Messengers

Alfa-Bank has started serving its clients in popular messengers such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Viber and Facebook Messenger. It takes ten seconds to click a link, access the Alfa-Message channel on a messenger, and receive a virtual card. Alfa-Message can be used to transfer money using a card or phone number, to receive money by QR code, to pay for purchases from offline and online stores, to apply for a loan, to register as a self-employed person, or to start a company. All that can be done quickly and without downloading mobile applications. A topped up virtual card can be given to a friend as gift by merely sending the relevant link.

“We expect more efficient client capture by launching this technology. In the short run, we are going to integrate the messengers in a wide range of our business processes; in particular, convenient messengers will be used for cross-selling, closing deals and to inform clients of their pre-approved offers,” Alfa-Bank Digital Business Director, Executive Board member Ivan Pyatkov said.

One does not have to visit a bank office, meet with a courier, or sign any papers in order to start using a card with a basic limit. Just push the “start” button in Alfa-Message. If you link a new card to Apple Pay or Google Pay and top it up, you may start using it immediately in settlements with offline and online stores. There will also be cash-back if the virtual card is supplemented with a plastic one.

Alfa-Message is now available on Telegram, Whatsapp, FaceBook Messenger and Viber. Alfa-Message is currently available to clients with Russian phone numbers.