New Executive Board has been elected at Kievinvestbank

Continuing the process to reorganize Kievinvestbank into Alfa-Bank Ukraine, a new Executive Board of Kievinvestbank was elected:

  • Dyukarev, Nikolai Yurevich
  • Kramarenko, Natalia Leonidovna
  • Lvov, Oleg Petrovich
  • Mikhailo, Viktoria Victorovna
  • Padalko, Alexander Anatolevich
  • Polovko, Sergei Nikolaevich
  • Yatsenko, Irina Mikhailovna

New Executive Board members are: Alexander Padalko, former Deputy Chairman of Eximbank’s Executive Board and elected Chairman of Kievinvestbank’s Executive Board, Irina Yatsenko, former Deputy Chairman of Kiev-Privat’s Executive Board, directing lending at Kievinvestbank, Nikolai Dyukarev, former Director of strategic investments at Alfa Capital, Viktoria Mikhailo, former Financial Director at Alfa Capital.

Having tremendous experience in Russia and Ukraine with public and private sectors, Alfa-Bank is actively involved in developing the banking business in Ukraine, thereby promoting the economic integration of both countries.