Moscow Virtuosi met success in Frankfurt

Music lovers met the chamber orchestra with great interest. In the evening of April 16 in Alte Oper, the audience applauded seven encores. The program included works of Mozart, Shostakovich and Tchaikovsky.

Famous businessmen attended the concert, including bankers of large financial institutions that have offices located in Frankfurt, a financial capital of the world.

The chamber orchestra Moscow Virtuosi was created 20 years ago owing to the violinist Vladimir Spivakov. The debut of Moscow Virtuosi took place in Nizhny Novgorod. Since then, the group under Vladimir SpivakovЙs leadership gained international recognition. Music lovers enjoyed his music all over the world.

The multi-faceted personality of Vladimir Spivakov is reflected in his dedication to charity. In 1994, the International Vladimir Spivakov Foundation was established.

Since its establishment, Alfa-Bank has been supporting Russian culture. The bank and Vladimir Spivakov worked together on several projects. The next concert, supported by Alfa-Bank, will take place in London on February 18, 2000.