Frank RG: Alfa-Bank is the best bank for affluent customers

According to Frank Research Group Alfa-Bank is the best bank for affluent customers. Frank RG assessed 16 banks offering Private Banking and Wealth Management services in Russia.

The list included subdivisions, specializing in affluent customers of retail banks, investment companies and representative offices of Western banks and was based on the recommendations of market experts. The main task of Frank RG was to assess the banks through communication with the manager and by the use of presented materials. It was also important to understand when and how an individual approach may be used to deal with specific problems of separate customers and what can be offered to them. Frank RG employed the «secret buyer» technique. Alfa-Bank managers contacted by the researchers were able to create an amicable atmosphere and understand the customer’s needs. They offered actual solutions already during the first meeting.

«The success of mutually advantageous cooperation always depends on mutual understanding, and this rule applies to banks which cannot help but look into the needs and motivations of their customers, if they want to be their main banks. Nowadays customers particularly need the strong expertise and high operating speed. We are glad that we have been assessed at our true worth by the professionals of Frank RG,” said Elena Lisitsyna, Head of private wealth management department (A-Club) of Alfa-Bank.