Central Bank of the Russian Federation registers four Alfa-Bank regional branches

Alfa-Bank Novosibirsk, a subsidiary of Alfa-Bank, was reorganized as a Novosibirsk branch. On April 6, 2000, Alfa-Bank Novosibirsk was removed from government’s credit institution list and then registered as a branch by the Central Bank.

Siberian Bread Bank became Alfa-Bank Novosibirsk when Alfa-Bank purchased a stake in 1998. Within 1.5 years, 1,000 business accounts were opened, and 9,000 private individuals became Alfa-Bank clients in Novosibirsk.

The Novosibirsk branch continues to attract new business from small and large companies, and private individuals.

The Central Bank registered branches in Lipetsk and Saratov on March 22, and in Krasnodar on April 12.

Alfa-Bank’s branch network currently has about 50 regional branches with subsidiaries in Kazakstan and the Ukraine.