• Symphony orchestra Moscow Virtuosi in London

    The concert will take place in the Barbican Concert Hall, an exquisite and prestigious concert hall in London, on February 18, 2000. This will be the first concert performed by the orchestra in the past ten years. Classical music performances have become a major aspect of London’s cultural life and attract large audiences. Many people … Continued

  • Alfa-Bank expands it Visa Alfamobile program

    The rate at which new Alfa-Bank Visa Alfamobile cards are issued for car lovers surpasses the Bank’s forecast. The new program is very popular among Russian car owners as well as foreign car owners. Visa Alfamobile holders not only can shop and withdraw cash in any country of the world, but can considerably cut car expenses. In four months, 70 new companies … Continued

  • Russia — living with a lie

    Promises of banking restructuring have turned out to be sham. Meanwhile the Russian economy looks to be on hold until the war in Chechnya is resolved and a new president is installed. But there are some signs of recovery, reports Ben Aris. “The only business in Russia is politics,” said Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky. When … Continued