• Headline: Russia — once again “the worst is over”

    The Russian economy has responded positively to Boris Yeltsin's retirement and to a commodity boom. Can the bullish mood last or will reform get bogged down and Vladimir Putin's “strong government” put a straitjacket on enterprise? And does finance minister Mikhail Kasyanov have the breadth of experience to control the economy? We also look at … Continued

  • The great survivor of Russian banking

    Alfa-Bank has emerged largely unscathed from Russia's financial crisis. And it wants to return to the capital markets. But it faces a big test — it must show that it can pay back a large Eurobond, ??n Aris in Moscow talks to Mikhail Fridman, Alfa Group chairman. IN THE MIDST of the rouble devaluation in the … Continued

  • Alfa-Bank is not indifferent to the problems facing Russian culture

    At the Golden Mask award ceremony on March 27, 2000, Alexander Kalyagin, Chairman of the Theater Representatives Union, stated that Alfa-Bank was honored the award for its numerous regional cultural programs. An important factor, according to the jury, was that money raised from concerts was used for charity including assistance to childrens’ homes, support for … Continued

  • Alfa-Bank buys a 76% stake in Kievinvestbank

    Stockholders of Kievinvestbank approved Alfa-Bank’s listing as a stockholder during their meeting. Stockholders reviewed the issue regarding an increase of Kievinvestbank’s charter capital to USD13.5 million by issuing new stock. Alfa-Bank plans to purchase most of the stock, stated press relations in Moscow. Established in 1995, Alfa Capital Ukraine, a large trader on the off-exchange … Continued

  • Alfa-Bank will actively develop its banking business in Ukraine

    An agreement was reached regarding Alfa-Bank’s listing as a stockholder of Kievinvestbank, a method to develop Alfa Group’s business in Ukraine. On March 27, stockholders confirmed Alfa-Bank’s listing as a stockholder of Kievinvestbank and discussed increasing the charter capital by issuing new stock. This move will allow Kievinvestbank to become one of the five largest … Continued

  • Russia's banks are  — gasp!  — lending money

    Smaller companies are getting capital and spurring growth Two years ago, Russian entrepreneur Andrei Sakharov, 35, couldn't get a bank loan for more than a six-month term. In January, his 200-employee bakery and cafe outside Moscow landed a $128,000, two-year loan from nearby Probusinessbank. Now, Sakharov is well on the way to opening two new … Continued

  • Forgive and forget, decides London club

    In an attempt to take advantage of Russia's improved credit rating following the successful restructuring of its Soviet-era debt, the country's largest privately owned bank has announced plans to raise $200m in international capital markets. This would make Alfa-Bank the first Russian entity to tap international capital markets since the Russian government's domestic debt default … Continued

  • Alfa-Bank continues to expand its spectrum of trade financing services

    Export insurance agencies of Germany (HERMES), Japan (MITI), Czech (EGAP), Slovakia (SID), and Poland (KUKE) agreed to cover the risk of Alfa-Bank. Alfa-Bank offers long-term loans (3-5 years) to clients at low interest for financing equipment from those countries mentioned above. The establishment of trade financing limits by Western banks allowed Alfa-Bank to provide clients with letters of credit and … Continued

  • Symphony orchestra Moscow Virtuosi in London

    The concert will take place in the Barbican Concert Hall, an exquisite and prestigious concert hall in London, on February 18, 2000. This will be the first concert performed by the orchestra in the past ten years. Classical music performances have become a major aspect of London’s cultural life and attract large audiences. Many people … Continued

  • Alfa-Bank expands it Visa Alfamobile program

    The rate at which new Alfa-Bank Visa Alfamobile cards are issued for car lovers surpasses the Bank’s forecast. The new program is very popular among Russian car owners as well as foreign car owners. Visa Alfamobile holders not only can shop and withdraw cash in any country of the world, but can considerably cut car expenses. In four months, 70 new companies … Continued