• Alfa-Bank signs an agreement with the regional and city administration of Lipetsk

    The same type of agreement was signed between Oleg Sysuev and Alexander Korobeynikovy, the Head of the Lipetsk city administration. The Lipetsk region did not accidentally select Alfa-Bank as a business partner. According to an analysis conducted by the Ministry of Economics of the Russian Federation on Russiaфs regions, the Lipetsk region was one of … Continued

  • Alfa-Bank actively participates in the Federal Agricultural Loan Program

    Loans were provided to companies located in various regions, including the Samara, Nizhni Novgorod, Leningrad, Sverlovsk, Volgograd, Novosibirsk, Lipetsk, Perm, Orenburg, Omsk and Irkutsk regions. The local branch, which is the only entity that participates in the Federal Agriculture Loan Company in the Orenburg region, actively distributes loans to companies in the agricultural sector. Orenburgmoloko, … Continued

  • Number of Alfa-Bank branches in Moscow increases to twenty

    The Oktabrskaya branch provides legal entities and individuals with a broad spectrum of bank products, ranging from cash management for corporate clients, to money transfers for individuals and processing transactions for cardholders. The Oktabrskaya branch services corporate clients from 9:00 to 18:00 Monday through Friday and from 9:00 to 15:00 on Saturdays and Sundays. Exchange … Continued

  • Alfa-Bank appointed Dominic Gualtieri as Managing Director in charge of the Bank’s equities business

    Prior to joining the Bank he served as Group Managing Director for Templeton’s asset management business in South Africa. He previously spent over three years in Moscow running Templeton’s domestic investment management operations. “I am very excited by the opportunity to continue to develop the Bank’s equities business,” said Mr. Gualtieri. “Alfa-Bank is one of … Continued

  • Alfa-Bank Bashkortostan – 10 years of success

    New office – new opportunities Alfa-Bank Bashkortostan meets its ten-year anniversary in a new office, equipped for the banking business. Many years of experience and new technology allows Alfa-Bank Bashkortostan to strengthen and solidify its position in Bashkortostan. Alfa-Bank Bashkortostan’s new office located in the center of Ufa offers clients a full spectrum of services, … Continued

  • Alfa-Bank increases lending to industry

    Alfa-Bank’s loan committee made the decision to lend USD1 billion to RAO Unified Energy Systems. According to Alexander Lukanov, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, the current growth of lending is attributed to the dynamic development of industry. “The level of Alfa-Bank’s capitalization allows Alfa-Bank to lend to large companies,” says Mr. Lukanov.

  • New Executive Board has been elected at Kievinvestbank

    Continuing the process to reorganize Kievinvestbank into Alfa-Bank Ukraine, a new Executive Board of Kievinvestbank was elected: Dyukarev, Nikolai Yurevich Kramarenko, Natalia Leonidovna Lvov, Oleg Petrovich Mikhailo, Viktoria Victorovna Padalko, Alexander Anatolevich Polovko, Sergei Nikolaevich Yatsenko, Irina Mikhailovna New Executive Board members are: Alexander Padalko, former Deputy Chairman of Eximbank’s Executive Board and elected Chairman of Kievinvestbank’s Executive Board, Irina Yatsenko, former … Continued

  • Alfa-Bank and Tyumen Oil Company begin joint Visa-Alfamobile program

    Visa-Alfamobile cardholders receive discounts of 5% to 30% for car rentals, insurance policies, service centers, parts, legal assistance and technical help in case of emergencies. Since May 2000, car owners holding Visa-Alfamobile cards can save money practically every day. According to the joint project of Alfa-Bank and Tyumen Oil Company, a 3% discount is available … Continued

  • Best emerging market banks

    Alfa-Bank is arguably the slickest bank in Russia. Although a fraction of the size of Sberbank, Alfa-Bank is Russia's biggest privately owned bank and was one of the few big banks that did not cut down its operations after the August 1998 crisis. It is planning to tap the international capital markets this year to … Continued

  • Acquiring turnover was USD80 million for the first quarter of 2000

    Alfa-Bank began providing acquiring services for retail outlets in Vladivostok and Perm, and continued to develop the business in regions where its branches operate. In the first quarter, Alfa-Bank accepted American Express at its acquiring outlets. By the end of the first quarter, more than 200 companies were enlisted in Alfa-Bank’s Visa-Alfamobile and My World … Continued