• Alfa-Bank, Russia’s first bank to issue Eurocard-Mastercard Virtual cards

    Eurocard-MasterCard Virtual Card is accessible to each user of the global computer network, whose installment and service cost is only US$5 million for one year. The first installment, which can be spent any time, is only US$20. The new card is a necessity for those who would like to use the services of virtual stores, … Continued

  • Kievinvestbank’s shareholders confirm the decision to merge with Alfa Capital Ukraine

    Kievinvestbank’s general shareholders meeting, which took place in Kiev on October 27, also confirmed the decision to rename the bank to Alfa-Bank. Alfa-Bank’s (Ukraine) task is to establish tight relations with private and government sectors in order to attract large and small corporate clients, whom Alfa-Bank will provide with a full spectrum of banking services. … Continued

  • Alfa-Bank lends to Sibur

    Alfa-Bank previously extended loans to Sibur and companies belonging to the chemical petroleum holding company. Alfa-Bank’s loan portfolio currently is more than US$900 million.

  • Alfa-Bank appoints Oleg Ivanov as Deputy Director of Marketing

    Oleg Ivanov will coordinate all work between the departments of the marketing division, develop and implement Alfa-Bank’s marketing strategy for the near term. Prior to working at Alfa-Bank, Oleg Invanov was a co-owner and director of Amadeus Consulting, which specialized in strategic media relations and market planning. He participated in developing the RTL UFA project … Continued

  • Alfa-Bank lends to companies of the Sverdlovsk region

    Likewise, a credit line was opened by the bank to one of the largest pipe plants in Russia, Pervouralsky Novotrubny Plant, in the amount of RUR100 million for one year. Alfa-Bank’s Ekaterinburg branch, which has been operating in the region since June 1999, services both credit lines. The branch’s current loan portfolio is valued at … Continued

  • Alfa-Bank lends to Russky Alyumini, Aeroflot г Rossiskie Avialini and Ammofos

    The bank made a decision to open a credit line for Aeroflot г Rossiskie Avialini in the amount of US$50 million for one year. The money will be paid in installments with terms not extending three months. In addition, Alfa-Bank will also provide a credit line to Ammofos for the amount of US$60 million for … Continued

  • VISA International certifiesTP-CMS installment system for Alfa-Bank

    This is one of the first products on the market which was designed to support the multi-functional smart-card and Internet payments. Banks in ten countries on all continents currently utilize TP-CMS. Three projects are being utilized in Russia. The Bank Processing Center came forward with system integration in Russian and foreign projects. Alfa-Bank’s Senior Vice-President … Continued

  • Kompaniya selects two Alfa Group managers

    The objective of the contest is to spur on the most competent and dynamic business leaders in today’s businesses. Candidates were evaluated according to the following criteria: implementation of business strategies, marketing and investment programs, growth of market share, and brand promotion. Alex Knaster received the award for the best manager of 2000 in the … Continued

  • Internet payment system establishes links to Alfa-Bank’s processing center

    Signing the agreement provides new opportunities for e-commerce in Russia and development of Russia’s Internet business. Now the system Assist, Russia’s leading Internet payment center, offers clients the opportunity to make payments through Alfa-Bank. Companies that develop e-commerce capabilities must provide security of client accounts, Internet payments, and independence of payment systems. Alfa-Bank, a new … Continued

  • Alfa-Bank opens its 25th branch in Moscow

    The branch provides banking services to retail and corporate clients. Services range from cash management services for corporate clients and money transfers for retail clients. The branch has a currency exchange counter and a 24-hour ATM. Alfa-Bank continues to expand its branch network in Moscow since the beginning of 1999. By the end of the … Continued