• Alfa-Bank’s website places first among fifty of the best bank sites

    Internet Marketing, a market research company based in Moscow, developed a methodology to rate each bank site. Using this methodology, the company was then able to determine a rating for each bank. The analysis consisted of two sections: content and form. Content is the information itself, whereas form is how the information is presented, its … Continued

  • Alfa-Bank allows funds to be transferred free of charge to accounts for families of the crew that served on Kursk

    Free transfers exist in special accounts of Alfa-Bank, like those of government and non-profit organizations in banks in Russia allocated for raising funds to help families of crew members.

  • Alfa-Bank increases its stake in Kievinvestbank

    Alfa-Bank currently controls 76 percent of Kievinvestbank. This includes Ostra-Kiev (insurance company belonging to the bank) and other affected companies. According to Yevgeny Bernshtam, “The next step for our Ukrainian subsidiary will be to increase the charter capital to UKG73 million. This growth will allow Alfa-Bank to become among the ten largest banks of the … Continued

  • Wimm-Bill-Dann gains control of Timashevsk Dairy

    Alfa-Bank is the financial consultant for the transaction. Currently all interested parties are actively contributing to put the agreement into practice. Yevgeny Ioffe, Vice President of Alfa-Bank comments, “This transaction will be beneficial for all parties. Wimm-Bill-Dann will be able to expand. Shareholders entered a very promising contract. The dairy is guaranteed continued growth. The … Continued

  • Alfa-Bank announces commitment to collaborate with Golden Telecom subsidiary TeleRoss

    Moscow, August 10, 2000 – Alfa-Bank and TeleRoss, the core group of companies operating under the trademark of Golden Telecom, (GTI) (Nasdaq: GLDN), a leading facilities-based provider of integrated telecommunications and Internet services throughout Russia and other countries of the CIS, have signed an intention agreement in which they claim their willingness to look into … Continued

  • Banks face long haul to regain lost confidence

    Foreign investors and local customers remain cautious at piecemeal attempts to restructure What little confidence Russians had in their banks, which they have instinctively regarded with deep suspicion, was dealt a devastating blow by the financial crash of August 1998. Most of the country's private financial institutions were forced to close and there is little … Continued

  • Staff improve prospects with MBAs

    Banks have tried to increase experience by moving employees abroadSarah Butcher If you were young, talented, and Russian in 1996, then you could have done a lot worse than taking a job in one of Moscow's many banks. The financial sector was booming, Western banks were vying for graduates from Moscow's top schools, and the … Continued

  • Survival tactics still don't convince sceptics

    One bank has weathered the 1998 crisis that wiped out many of its competitors In Russia, suspicion invariably follows any business that prospers. Alfa-Bank is no exception, having survived the destruction of most of the financial sector in the 1998 crisis and gone on to be one of the most successful private banks in Russia. … Continued

  • Alfa-Bank receives the Marketing Russia (MR) award in the business services advertiser category

    Thus, Alfa-Bank appeared on the shortlist of the most effective advertisers of 1999. As stated by MR Awards Committee, Alfa-Bank received the prize for making the best use of limited advertising resources by consistently stressing performance over image and continuing to support a wide range of charitable and cultural activities through sponsorship. According to MR, … Continued

  • Russia moves out of the red market focus

    There may be doubts about human rights in the new Russia of President Vladimir Putin, but the prospects for investors appear increasingly positive during the months ahead. The rouble is stable, a lower and simplified tax regime has been approved by parliament, and official statistics released last month show gross domestic product growth of 8.5 … Continued