Authorities attract Alfa-Bank to participate in implementing an agreement between the Irkutsk and Saratov regions

The signed agreement will strengthen ties between the two regions. The document outlines the areas of cooperation, developing relations among the two regions. The agreement provides a basis from which other agreements will build.

Cooperation promises to bring prosperity to both regions. The Irkutsk region hopes to receive high quality wheat, machine building products, and exchange construction materials from the Saratov region. Likewise, the Saratov region needs woodworking products of Priangarye, viscose cellulose and industrial goods from the Irkutsk region.

In order to optimize stipulations of the agreement, the participants signed a memorandum with Alfa-Bank, which became the first partner to participate in the agreement.

The memorandum does not exclude other interested financial institutions to cooperate with the local authorities. The document strengthens the ties of Alfa-Bank with large companies and the local authorities.

Alfa-Bank currently is a technology driven universal bank with a developed branch network, including 50 branches in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. In Irkutsk and Saratov Alfa-Bank branches successfully operate. Their clients are among the largest companies of the regions.