Alfa-Bank Won in the Four Categories of the VISA Global Service Quality Awards

Alfa-Bank won in the four categories of the annual VISA Global Service Quality Awards. For the year 2014 Alfa-Bank was named the best in the world in the category Authorization Approval Rate and the best in Russia in the categories Risk Efficiency International/Domestic, and Chargeback-to-Sale

In the category Authorization Approval Rate Alfa-Bank receives award for the fourth year in a row exhibiting the accessibility of its processing center and a “working capacity” of Alfa-Bank’s cards. For two consecutive years now Alfa-Bank has been acknowledged as the most efficient bank in Russia and in the world by Lowest Chargeback-to-Sales Ratio for Fraud Reason Codes.

Certificate of merits and crystal tombstones from VISA were received by Alfa-Bank’s officials Vilen Timiryazev, Processing Center Director and Aleksey Golenishchev, E-Business Monitoring Director. They commented on the honorary awards: «Alfa-Bank has been winner of the VISA Global Awards for a number of years in a row, once again manifesting the fact that we had chosen the right track to sustainable development. Alfa-Bank’s card products are used by millions of individuals and thousands of corporate customers with their cards well secured and trouble–free served – as acknowledged by the international expert».