Alfa-Bank hereby informs about the measures that have been taken with respect to payments of coupons which were due on 15.04.2022, 26.04.2022 and 30.04.2022 under the following Eurobonds issued by Alfa Bond Issuance PLC Ireland (the Issuer):

  • XS2063279959 (USD850mn, 5.95%, Tier 2)
  • XS2333280571 (USD350mn, 5.50%, Tier 2)
  • XS1760786340 (USD500mn, 6.95%, Additional Tier 1)
    As advised earlier, due to the restrictive measures that the US and UK government bodies imposed against Alfa-Bank, it is not possible to use the international financial infrastructure as it is stipulated in the bond issue documentation and to make coupon payments to the Noteholders.

Alfa-Bank applied to the US and UK competent authorities for special licenses allowing Alfa-Bank and the Issuer to make coupon payments on Eurobonds and fulfill their obligations. Alfa-Bank has not received any response to these requests at the moment.

Without the abovementioned special licences the imposed sanctions regime makes it technically impossible for Alfa-Bank to process interest payments and for the paying agent to make further deploy of funds in favor of the Noteholders as provided for in the transaction documents, despite the fact that Alfa-Bank has all the necessary resources to service its debt.

At the same time Alfa-Bank has to comply with the Russian legislation (The Executive Order of the President of the Russian Federation № 95 dated 5 March 2022) and to secure the payments in favour of the residents of the Russian Federation. Following this Decree and the possible options permitted by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and the Bank of Russia, Alfa-Bank took a decision to separate payments in favour of the Russian Noteholders and the international Noteholders:

  • on 26 April, 29 April and 5 May Alfa-Bank paid coupons in Russian rubles at a relevant CBR rates in favour of the Noteholders whose rights in respect of the Eurobonds are recorded with the National Settlement Depository in the order provided by the EO N95 ; and
  • once authorised by OFAC and OFSI and permitted by the Bank of Russia Alfa-Bank will pay the part of a respective coupon in favour of the Noteholders whose rights in respect of the Eurobonds are recorded with foreign clearing systems.

Alfa-Bank, as a reliable borrower, hereby confirms its readiness to meet its obligations under the Eurobonds in full and continues to accrue the remaining interest on the loans. The technical impossibility of paying coupon to the foreign Noteholders is a separate failure in the operation of the international payment infrastructure and is not linked to the Alfa-Bank’s capital adequacy, which is at the proper level and in full compliance with all capital adequacy ratios established by the Bank of Russia for systemically important banks .

As far as more information is received from the UK and US regulators, Alfa-Bank will keep the Noteholders informed of further developments. The Noteholders have the right to reach out to the competent authorities – the Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation (the UK) and the Office of Foreign Assets Control (the United States) on their own behalf.