Alfa-Bank appoints Oleg Ivanov as Deputy Director of Marketing

Oleg Ivanov will coordinate all work between the departments of the marketing division, develop and implement Alfa-Bank’s marketing strategy for the near term.

Prior to working at Alfa-Bank, Oleg Invanov was a co-owner and director of Amadeus Consulting, which specialized in strategic media relations and market planning.

He participated in developing the RTL UFA project to investment in the Russian media and was a consultant of the System Mass Media project to create a concept and management structure of a holding company. He developed a series of projects to attract investment and arrange strategic partnerships for FM radio stations in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

In 1994 he was a founder and co-owner of Radio Classical, up until 1996 he was the radio station’s director.

Oleg Ivanov was born in 1968. Specializing in journalism, he graduated with honors from Moscow State University in 1994. In 1993-1994 he interned at Oxford University.