In the reporting period Alfa-Bank was ranked among the three leading Russian banks by net profit, which was reported at 27.7 bn RUR.

Operating income before provisions for the nine months in 2015 was 122.7 bn RUR, making it 8.3% more than in the similar period of the last year. The Bank’s net commission income, as one of the key drivers in the net profit growth increased by 11.6% compared to the last year. The share of net commission income in the Bank’s operating income is stable and exceeds 20%.

Same as before, the Bank continues its conservative policy on loan loss provisions. In view of the drastic deterioration of economic dynamics the Bank more than twofold increased its loan loss provisioning — 57.6 bn RUR for the nine months in 2015 against 27.0 bn RUR for the similar period in the last year. In doing so, the Bank is knowingly focusing on reliability, but not on here-and-now profit.

On 1 October 2015, Alfa-Bank’s assets were 2.0 trillion RUR, having dropped down from the start of the year by 8.8% largely owing to the limited growth of its credit portfolio for quality purposes.

It is significant that the rate of customer funds for the 9 months in 2015 grew by 18% through a concurrent growth of funds from individual and corporate customers. As of 01 October 2015 the general public placed with us over 580 bn RUR.

Alfa-Bank is ranked second after Sberbank in the market of on-demand deposits. Our market share grew to 8.7% from 7.9% at the start of the year.

Alfa-Bank’s equity as of 01 October 2015 was 271.5 bn RUR having increased from 8.1% at the start of the year mostly through the growth of its paid-in capital. The Bank capital adequacy rate (Н1.0) is 12.1%, which is much above the threshold value of 10%.

Alfa-Bank is highly rated by international credit rating agencies that is just one grade below compared to the sovereign credit rating of Russia and ratings of other largest state supported banks.