Alfa-Bank and Tyumen Oil Company begin joint Visa-Alfamobile program

Visa-Alfamobile cardholders receive discounts of 5% to 30% for car rentals, insurance policies, service centers, parts, legal assistance and technical help in case of emergencies.

Since May 2000, car owners holding Visa-Alfamobile cards can save money practically every day.

According to the joint project of Alfa-Bank and Tyumen Oil Company, a 3% discount is available for those who use Visa-Alfamobile cards at Tyumen Oil service stations in Moscow.

Currently, the project contains ten Tyumen Oil service stations, including the stations at 60 October Street, Ryabinovaya Street, Shipilovskaya and Montazhnaya Street in North Butovo. By the year’s end, 30 stations will be a part of the program.

Visa-Alfamobile cardholders can not only depend on high quality gas and diesel fuel at Tyumen Oil service stations, but constant savings. In order to receive discounts at Tyumen Oil service stations, Alfa-Bank clients must use the chip-based card that has access to respective Visa-Alfamobile accounts.

Alfa-Bank established daily limits for discounts. Visa-Alfamobile Classic cardholders can purchase up to 40 liters a day, and Visa-Alfamobile Gold cardholders can purchase up to 100 liters a day.

At the beginning of the project, Alfa-Bank and the Tyumen Oil Company announced introducing low fees for Visa-Alfamobile Classic from April 15 to June 15, 2000. Fees for opening and servicing a Visa-Alfamobile Classic account will be USD60, not USD80.

Alfa-Bank has issued more than 3,000 Visa-Alfamobile cards. Discounts are available at more than 200 retail outlets in 12 cities throughout Russia.

Detailed information regarding Visa-Alfamobile and discount places is available at Alfa-Bank offices by calling (095) 755-7777.

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