Alfa-Bank and Baltiyskiy Bank — Joining ATM networks

On 15 September 2014, Alfa-Bank and Baltiyskiy Bank joined their ATM networks, making it possible for their customers to withdraw cash at Alfa-Bank (over 3,500 ATMs in Russia) and Baltiyskiy Bank (over 1,500 ATMs) on equal terms — with no extra fee charged for withdrawal of cash in the partner ATM network.

The joined ATM network of Alfa-Bank and Baltiyskiy Bank has more than 5,000 machines and covers 409 cities in Russia. The two banks’ joined ATM network allows enhancing the quality and availability of banking services for their customers providing for comfortable servicing of banking cards throughout the country.

«The joining of Alfa and Baltiyskiy ATM networks is the important positive news. The process was completed in record-breaking time — within nearly two weeks. We strived to make it as promptly as possible for our customers to realize all benefits from Alfa-Bank’s coming in as a rehabilitator. Also in the pipeline are the new positive changes. Further on, we may witness the joining of Baltiyskiy Bank ATMs with our partner banks ATMs», — said Aleksey Marey, CEO, Member of the Executive Board, Member of the Board of Directors at Alfa-Bank

On 20 August 2014, the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) announced the appointment of Alfa-Bank a rehabilitator of ОАО ” Baltiyskiy Bank «. According to DIA’s decision, Baltiyskiy Bank will keep on operating under its brand name and in all its branches. The terms and conditions of all deposit and loan client agreements will not change throughout their validity. Alfa-Bank already had significant successful experience of rehabilitation of Severnaya Kazna Bank in 2008–2009.