Alfa Guaranties (Alfa's Insurance Group) won the right in a tender to provide medical insurance to the staff of Mars LLC, which is a leading producer of consumer goods.
During its ten-year history, Alfa-Bank has entertained Russian audiences with performances of world famous stars, many of which for the first time came to Russia to perform under the bank's invitation.
The objective of the agreement between Alfa Group and the East European Insurance Company (EEIA) is to jointly develop the insurance business, including insurance for the banking business.
06 December 2000Sumitomo accepts Alfa-Bank's guarantee —
Japan's Sumitomo accepted Alfa-Bank's guarantee of a three-year credit for MTU-Inform.
The Treasures of the Torah exhibition is now on display for viewers at the Stephan Wise Congress House in New York on December 4 - 22, 2000.
The Obsky-1 floating complex is designed to drill test wells in the river Ob's inlet. Gazflot, a subsidiary company of Gazprom, is implementing the project.
Alfa-Bank's senior vice-president Marina Savelyova, Director of Regional Business Development, becomes a member of the Executive Board, a position earlier occupied by Andrei Sokolov.
The world famous baritone performed pieces of Tchiakovsky and Rakhmaninov in London's Queen Elizabeth Hall on November 30.
Alfa-Bank's CEO Alex Knaster spoke on world trends of telecom sector developments and Russia's competitive place for investment.
The annual December Nights Festival plays upon the interplay between music and the fine arts. Every concert is accompanied with exhibitions that historically, thematically, and artistically represent the period in which the music was composed.
The first contest, called the Bank with Excellent Client Service, was organized by the magazine The Banker with support from the Interpress-Finance Agency. Various commercial banks from Moscow participated in the contest.
To coincide its tenth-year anniversary, Alfa-Bank offers its clients two cards for the price of one from November 20, 2000 to January 20, 2001.
Alfa-Bank and the administration of the Kurgan region signed an agreement to cooperate. Both parties expressed the same views on issues regarding development of social and industrial sectors and interest in implementing regional programs.
Svyazinvest, Alfa-Bank, and the Securities Market Journal are organizing an international conference, Investing in the Russian Telecom Sector, which will take place at the Marriott Grand Hotel (24 Tverskaya Street) on November 29, 2000.
The project (called iOne), which was organized by the magazine Kommersant and Anderson Consulting (Accenture), involves a volunteer that was selected from 80 contestants to spend the next three weeks (November 20 ă December 11, 2000) in an empty apartment with a computer, digital video cameras, and Internet access.
Alfa-Bank is Russia's first bank to launch a new bank product, treasury promissory notes that are protected from inflation and conversion risks
Alfa-Bank continues to win awards and recognition as a top performing Russian bank this fall.
Alfa-Bank received the "brand of the year 2000" award for effective marketing and advertising in developing and promoting the VISA-Alfamobile card in a contest called "Launching a Brand in the Market."
Several Russian financial institutes support the creative arts by organizing contests where prizes are awarded for exceptional work.
Alfa-Bank's new card allows those who desire to shop in virtual stores to make purchases online, while reducing the risk of fraud.
The ultimate goal in restructuring the business is to create a financial supermarket in the Ukraine, a strategy that falls in line with Alfa Group's strategy.
18 October 2000Alfa-Bank lends to Sibur —
Alfa-Bank's loan committee established a credit limit of US$100 million to Sibur for 1.5 years.
Hiring a professional with experience in implementing investment projects and developing strategic plans in the media sector demonstrates Alfa-Bank's intentions to intensify its marketing efforts in domestic and western markets.
Alfa-Bank opened a credit line to Sredneuralsky Copper Melting Plant in the amount of RUR100 million with a one-year term.
Alfa-Bank opens a credit line for Russky Alyumini in the amount of US$100 million for 1.5 years. This will be first credit line extended by Alfa-Bank to Russky Alyumini.
IFS International (US) with Global Insight (Great Britain) as the consultant developed the TP-CMS product, which combined functional elements of the American card system of the 1980-1990s and implementation of a program incorporating new technologies of the 21st century.
Alfa-Bank's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Alex Knaster and TNK's President Simon Kukes were selected as "the best managers of 2000" by Russia's weekly business journal Kompaniya.
Reksoft, developer and owner of the Internet Payment System Assist, and Alfa-Bank signed an agreement to link Assist's system to Alfa-Bank's processing center.
Alfa-Bank opens its 25th Moscow branch, which is located on Volgogradsky Prospect not far from the Proletarsky metro station.
Alfa-Bank's President Pyotr Aven gave a speech in the seminar titled "Anti-corruption in transition: a contribution to the policy debate."
Alfa-Bank opens a branch in Moscow located on Alabyana Street not far from the Sokol metro station.
22 September 2000DeBeers trusts Alfa-Bank —
DeBeers used Alfa-Bank's help to organize a contest of Russian jewelry design.
The agreement makes provisions to strengthen efforts between the bank and local authorities to resolve social and economic issues of the region.
Based on results of 1999, The Banker of the Financial Times group, names Alfa-Bank "The Bank of the Year."
The festival coincided with Alfa-Bank's third year in Saint Petersburg. The Ministry of Culture and Vladimir Yakolev, governor of Saint Petersburg, provided support.
The presentation covered new opportunities of Alfa-Bank in international financial markets after Alfa Securities received its license from the British Securities and Futures Authority Ltd. (SFA).
The banking operations division (mid-office) was created to monitor and control the coordination of various banking departments and their operation with clients.
Upon recommendation of the government of the Russian Federation, Alfa-Bank will give RUR3 million to insure children of the crew that served on Kursk, which sunk in the Berents Sea. The assistance is intended to help finance their education after completing an institution of learning.
The agreement makes provisions to strengthen efforts of the bank and regional authorities to resolve social and economic issues that mobilize financial, material resources with the aim of restructuring the social and economic sectors of the region and city.
The agreement makes provisions for combining efforts of the bank and local authorities to resolve regional economic and social issues. The region and city guaranteed financial and local resources to reform economic and social sectors of the region.
Published in Izvestia on August 31, 2000, website ratings were compiled as a result of research conducted in July and August of this year on the use of Internet in the banking sector.
Alfa-Bank established a free tariff for transferring money to the addresses of families of those who served on the nuclear submarine Kursk.
Alfa-Bank received approval from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to buy 35 percent of Kievinvestbank's shares on August 14, 2000.
In 1999 Wimm-Bill-Dann acquired a 40 percent stake of Timashevsk Dairy from Schooner Capital Management, thereby becoming the largest shareholder. The unresolved situation and misuderstandings existing between Timashevsk Dairy's shareholders in the previous period were worked out. All parties were quickly brought to an agreement on the acquirement of the dairy by Wimm-Bill-Dann and on further cooperation among all shareholders.
Alfa-Bank and TeleRoss, the core group of companies operating under the trademark of Golden Telecom have signed an intention agreement in which they claim their willingness to look into collaboration opportunities on several business sections/directions.
MR Awards 2000: The Best of 1999, Silver Award in the category of Business Services Advertiser. "For making the best use of limited advertising resources by consistently stressing performance over image and continuing to support a wide range of charitable and cultural activities through sponsorship," John Bonar, Publisher and Chairman of the MR Awards Committee.
Alfa-Bank confirmed that the outstanding Eurobonds maturing on July 28, 2000 were repaid in full and on time.
The seventh world "Eco-Challenge" championship will take place in Malaysia on the island of Borneo (State Sabah) in August 2000. "Eco-Challenge" is the first contest for expedition racing with the top athletes from all over the world. Contests will take place in remote locations throughout the world within the next five years.
Fitch, the international rating agency, upgraded the Long-term rating of Alfa-Bank to 'CCC+' from 'CCC-' (CCC minus) based on reviews of the bank's 1999 audited IAS accounts.
On July 20, 2000, the Irkutsk and Saratov authorities signed an agreement to cooperate in trade, finance, science, and culture.
General meeting of Kievinvestbank's shareholders that took place on July 15, 2000, confirms the resolution to emit a sixth stock issue to increase the charter capital to UGR57 million.
Alfa-Bank appoints Valeri Lukin head of the trade and project finance division created to strengthen its position in the market. Mr. Lukin formerly served as head of Probusinessbank's lending division.
In April 2000 Alfa-Bank appointed Dmitri Parmeshin as head of a new division created with experienced professionals dealing in precious metals.
Alfa-Bank opened a credit line for the Irkutsk Aviation Manufacturing Group in the amount of USD14 million, and decided to establish a credit line for the Angarsky Electrolysis Chemical Plant in the amount of USD10 million for 12 months.
Alfa-Bank opened a credit line for the Nizhegorodsky Butter-Dairy Plant in the amount of RUR60 million for six months, and established a credit limit for Pemos Trade and Pemos in the amount of RUR100 million for 12 months. The Perm branch in will extend the credit to the Pemos companies.
The exhibition was on display in Washington D.C. at the Corcoran Gallery of Art from June to October of 1999 and in New York at the International Center of Photography from November 1999 to February 2000.
The agreement makes provisions to combine efforts from both parties to develop social and economic programs in the Saratov region, thereby securing stability, upgrading facilities, and developing major companies in the region.
Alfa-Bank, is pleased to announce that, on June 9, 2000, its UK subsidiary, Alfa Securities Ltd. received full Securities and Futures Authority Ltd. (SFA) accreditation.
On June 7, 2000, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and Alfa-Bank signed an agreement to cooperate, which will enable them to combine efforts in implementing cultural events and projects to support the culture and the arts of Russia.
Alexander Gafin, Vice President of Alfa-Bank, was awarded the Golden Pushkin Medal in the nomination, Enlightenment and Patronage of the Arts. Another patron that received this award was Vladimir Bogdanov, President of Surguneftegaz. The ceremony took place at the House of the Postmaster, a museum of literature, in Vyra, the Gatchinsky district of the Leningrad region.
Oleg Sysuev, Alfa-Bankôs First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Sergei Dorovskoy, Deputy Head of the Lipetsk regional administration, signed an agreement to cooperate on efforts to resolve regional social and economic issues.
Alfa-Bank and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation agreed on a list of potential borrowers in the agricultural sector in 33 regions. More than 150 contracts were signed for a total of RUR1.7 billion. At the end of May, more than RUR475 million in loan proceeds were distributed.
At the beginning of 1999, Alfa-Bank declared a large program for developing its branch network. In May 2000, Alfa-Bank opened its twentieth branch, which is located in Moscow at Mytnaya Street 1, building 1, not far from the Oktabrskaya metro station.
In this capacity, Mr. Gualtieri will be responsible for equity research, sales and trading and new product development on behalf of Alfa-Bank's domestic and international clients.
New office - new opportunities...
Gazprom received short-term loans of USD130 million from Alfa-Bank. In April, Alfa-Bank set limits of USD150 million for short-term loans to Gazprom.
May 15, 2000, the Board of Directors of Kievinvestbank met. The bank will become the center for developing Alfa Group Consortium's banking business in Ukraine.
Visa-Alfamobile cards issued by Alfa-Bank beginning in October 1999, became a new and unique bank product, because cardholders not only have the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of holding Alfa-Bank cards, but can save money for purchases and services used by car owners.
From January to March, 400 new retail outlets adopted acquiring services. In April, Alfa-Bank serviced a total of 2,500 acquiring units.
From April 17 to August 10, 2000, Alfa-Bank and GEO magazine will conduct a joint promotion campaign. All clients that open a Visa or Eurocard/MasterCard account at Alfa-Bank and submit a special coupon will receive a free subscription of GEO.
Having supported world famous chamber orchestras by Vladimir Spivakov for several years, Alfa-Bank sponsored the Moscow Virtuosi performance in Alte Oper in Frankfurt on April 16, 2000.
In the beginning of March, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation registered Alfa-Bank regional branches in Novosibirsk, Lipetsk, Saratov and Krasnodar.
Tyumen Oil Company and Alfa-Bank began their project by issuing gas cards to corporate clients. The gas card is a debit card to be used when purchasing gas at service stations.
The jury of the Golden Mask festival awarded Alfa-Bank the national Golden Mask award for supporting Russian culture in the regions, a first time for a Russian financial institution. The Golden Mask was the most known and prestigious festival in our country that united the theater arts.
INTERFAX UKRAINE KIEV, March 27 Ô Alfa-Bank (Moscow) is buying a 76% stake in Kievinvestbank, stated Yevgeny Bernshtam, Alfa-BankÉs First Deputy Chairman of the Board, in a press conference.
Alfa-Bank, one of the five largest Russian banks with a regional network of 45 branches, intends to actively develop its business in Ukraine.
Export insurance agencies of Germany (HERMES), Japan (MITI), Czech (EGAP), Slovakia (SID), and Poland (KUKE) agreed to cover the risk of Alfa-Bank. Alfa-Bank offers long-term loans (3-5 years) to clients at low interest for financing equipment from those countries mentioned above.
LONDON, February 16, 2000 - A press conference was held on the upcoming symphony orchestra Moscow Virtuosi conducted by Vladimir Spivakov.
The rate at which new Alfa-Bank Visa Alfamobile cards are issued for car lovers surpasses the Bank's forecast. The new program is very popular among Russian car owners as well as foreign car owners. Visa Alfamobile holders not only can shop and withdraw cash in any country of the world, but can considerably cut car expenses.