Press Clippings

02 December 2010Russia investment climate worsening, says banker, Financial  Times
11 November 2010Remarks by Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic, Reception  house of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
06 February 2008Craig Mellow, Russian  Banking — Ruble High-Rollers
31 October 2007SME Business in Russia: Gaining Importance, —  Natalya Orlova, Chief Economist
24 May 2007The Best of the Best in the Alfa Fellowship Program — Anna Pyasetskaya, Diplomat
01 May 2007CEE Surfs A New Wave Of Structured Finance Products — Michael Marray, The  Banker
01 May 2007Russian Banks Ready To Join The Mainstream — Brian Caplen, The  Banker
01 February 2007Credit Environment Bodes Well — Michael Marray, The  Banker