The achievement of the highest internationally recognised standards of corporate governance and ethical conduct is one of the primary goals of the Alfa Banking Group. The Bank's management processes and policies are structured to ensure compliance with laws and regulations and to provide clear guidelines for decision-making and accountability. Short- and medium-term priorities are: the introduction of independent members to the Board of Directors; effective corporate governance through the creation of Board Committees; the achievement of internationally recognised corporate governance ratings; and a general increase in transparency and disclosure at Alfa Banking Group.

Alongside governance, corporate culture plays a vital role within the Group. It is corporate culture — championed by the leadership and sustained by every employee within the Group — that determines corporate ethics. The promotion of the Code of Ethics as well as its core values to employees at all times aims to build and protect Alfa Banking Group’s culture.

Alfa Banking Group fosters a culture of openness and trust in which healthy debate is encouraged. Alfa Banking Group’s team is committed to these principles, which are key to sustaining public trust and confidence in our company.