Information about Alfa Banking Group’s debt Programmes, Eurobond issuances and their maturities are available for analysts and investors in this section.

As a company with a significant international presence, Alfa Banking Group uses a broad spectrum of financial instruments offered on international money and capital markets to cover its refinancing needs. In addition to issuing short-term Notes with maturity up to 364 days, Alfa Banking Group issues public Eurobonds on the capital market with medium to long maturities.

Alfa Banking Group has standardized its documentation for the issuance of debt capital market instruments with different maturities:

  • The issuance of instruments with maturities up to 364 days is included in the Euro Commercial Paper («ECP») Programme.
  • For mid-term and long-term borrowings Loan Participation Notes Programme («LPN Programme») was established in April 2013.

Both Programmes have a framework amount and can be utilized by issuing individual tranches.