Fixed Income

Alfa-Bank’s Fixed Income Department is one of the key market makers in the Russian and CIS debt markets. For several years we have been in the top ten fixed income houses with solid trade turnover in hard currency debt instruments like Eurobonds, sovereign and corporate Russian bonds, and emerging market bonds on both MICEX and the OTC market.

Alfa-Bank offers a wide range of brokerage services including margin trading, Repo trading (both local and hard currency), debt buyback and structured products. We provide our clients with unique debt financing solutions that currently have no equivalents on the market.

Alfa-Bank’s Fixed Income desk works in close cooperation with other departments in the Bank responsible for origination and syndication of debt instruments. Alfa-Bank is one of the leading operators in the Russian derivatives market. We offer our clients market futures and options on key instruments. We also offer a full range of global OTC market derivatives:

  • Foreign exchange rates
  • Precious and base metals
  • Oil and gas products

Additionally, we offer our corporate clients hedging of foreign exchange, commodity and interest rate risks.

Our regular clients include:

  • military and defense companies
  • shipbuilding majors
  • large retail chains
  • Russia’s largest mining and manufacturing companies
  • airline carriers

Deal range

From 1 month to 5 years for forward contracts and from 1 month to 3 years for options


$1-250 million (strike procedure approval is required for larger volumes)

Execution method

We conclude both deliverable and non-deliverable contracts

Entry and Exit

Since we quote on both bids and offers, the client is free to enter or exit a position during the option’s lifetime

Concluding and confirming contracts

We conclude all contracts in compliance with the General Agreement on Forward Deals

Information and consulting support

We provide full information coverage, from developing deal schemes to tax advisory services


Head of Fixed IncomeSimon Vine(+7 495) 788-03-09fax: (+7 495) 788-67-17
Fixed Income Sales & TradingIgor Pankov(+7 495) 786-48-92
(+7 495) 783-51-58
fax: (+7 495) 788-67-17
Fixed Income Sales & Trading, RepoVladislav Korzan (+7 495) 783-51-03fax: (+7 495) 788-67-17
Fixed Income Sales & Trading, RepoOlga Parkina (+7 495) 785-74-09
(+7 495) 783-51-09
fax: (+7 495) 788-67-17
Domestic Fixed Income TradingKonstantin Zaytsev (+7 495) 785-74-08fax:
Derivatives, EurobondsMikhail Grachev(+7 495) 785-74-04
(+7 495) 785-96-79
fax: (+7 495) 788-67-17
Securities Finance, Repo, Structured ProductsOleg Artemenko (+7 495) 785-74-05
(+7 495) 783-51-04
fax: (+7 495) 788-67-17
Securities Finance, RepoElina Novgorodova (+7 495) 783-51-05fax: (+7 495) 788-67-17
Organization of the debt financingAlexander Gunya(+7 495) 785-96-79fax: (+7 495) 788-67-17
Fixed Income and Derivatives StructuringLudmila Hrapchenko
Yulia Lapshina
Olesya Sabrekova
(+7 495) 780-47-36
(+7 495) 783-50-33
(+7 495) 795-37-27
fax: (+7 495) 788-67-17
Hedging operations,
Derivatives sales and trading
Mikhail Janulevicius
Oleg Kostikov
Anna Kislitsina
(+7 495) 755-59-32
(+7 495)795-36-54
fax: (+7 495) 788-67-17