Alfa-Bank is the brokerage of choice for investors in the Russian and CIS market, offering its clients an unrivalled combination of local and Western expertise in accordance with the highest international standards.

Alfa-Bank has built a leading domestic equities franchise. With teams of specialists drawn from blue-chip institutions working in Moscow, London and New York, the Bank covers the full spectrum of the world’s major financial centers and provides top-notch service for investors in the region. While we offer services to clients across the globe, we are unique in our special focus on Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakh equities.

Our sales and trading teams are active on all exchanges listing Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakh securities, including the Russian Trading System (RTS), the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX), the PFTS (Ukraine) and the ADR/GDR markets and trading floors in New York, London and other European cities. The Bank also operates Alfa Direct, our pioneering internet brokerage, at www.alfadirect.ru.

Alfa-Bank’s Equities Division complements its expertise in sales and trading with intensive proprietary research by a team of internationally recognized analysts in both Moscow and Kiev. Our Research Department produce in-depth company and sector reports, as well as macroeconomic analysis and market strategy for the Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakh markets.

Alfa-Bank was a pioneer in the development of the Russian securitization market and continues to maintain its leadership role. The Bank was the first Russian bank to securitize diversified payment rights, issuing five DPR tranches and creating the largest unwrapped DPR program in the world. In the future, Alfa-Bank plans to securitize its auto loans as well as its retail and mortgage loan portfolios.

Alfa-Bank offers:

  • Equity options: Execution and Pricing Issues
  • Equity finance: Reverse Repo
  • Structured products

We are currently developing new and tailor-made structured solutions that provide far superior value to that of traditional finance and investment products. These include:

  • Principle Protected Notes linked to the performance of the Russian or foreign equity (currency) markets
  • Credit default swaps
  • Repackaged corporate loans
  • Total return swaps
  • First to default swaps
  • Loan basket refinancing

Alfa-Bank provides customers with a unique gateway to successful investment in Russia through our combination of Russian and Western expertise.

Alfa-Bank (Moscow)

12 Akad. Sakharov Prospect,
Moscow, Russia 107078
Tel.+7 495 795-37-12
Head of Equities Konstantin Shapsharov
Tel.+7 495 228-88-28
Research Department
Head of Research Boris Krasnozhenov
Tel.+7 495 795-36-12
Macroeconomics Natalia Orlova, Ph.D.
Tel.+7 495 795-36-77
Valeriya Volgareva
Tel.+7 495 780-47-24
Metals & Mining Boris Krasnozhenov
Tel.+7 495 795-36-12
Yulia Tolstykh
Tel.+7 499 923-66-97 (ext. 8681)
Consumer / IT & Media Alexandra Melnikova
Olesya Vorobyeva
Tel.+7 495 795-37-40
Banking / Real Estate Evgeniy Kipnis
Tel.+7 495 795-37-13
Editorial / Production John Walsh
Tel.+7 495 795-36-76 (ext. 8238)
Translation Anna Martynova
Tel.+7 495 795-36-76
Data Specialist / Analyst Denis Dorofeev
Tel.+7 495 795-36-76 (ext. 8086)

Equity Sales & Trading
Tel.+7 495 223-55-00
Alexander Zorov
Tel.+7 495 745-56-21
Alfa Direct (Domestic retail brokerage)
Tel.+7 495 795-36-80
Head of Alfa-Direct Sergey Rybakov
Tel.+7 495 795-36-80 (ext. 6399)
Alfa-Direct Research Geldy Soyunov
Tel.+7 495 641-36-73
Alan Kaziev
Tel.+7 495 974-25-15 (ext. 8568)
Alfa-Direct Sales Valeriy Kremnev
Tel.(ext. 7083)
Olga Babina
Tel.(ext. 4092)