Simon Roache

Simon Roache

Chief Executive of Alfa Capital Markets, London

Simon Roache is Chief Executive of Alfa Capital Markets, the FSA-registered London arm of Alfa-Bank’s international equities business.

Mr Roache, a UK national, joined Alfa-Bank’s Asset Management Group in 1997 in Moscow as Head of Direct Investments. He has been in charge of the Bank’s London operations since 1999.

Before joining Alfa-Bank, Mr Roache worked for Flemings Investment Management in Russia for four years, where he was responsible for private equity investments. Prior to this, he had a similar role with the Brooke Group in Moscow (1992-1993), and before moving to Russia, he worked at Moscow Narodny Bank in London in the Project Finance Group (1989-1992).

Mr Roache is a graduate of Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, where he studied Russian and German. He was born in Lyndhurst, England on 23 July 1965.