Alexey Leonov

Alexey Leonov

Advisor to First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors

Graduated from Kremenchug Flight College and Chuguev Higher Air Force School of fighter-pilots. Attended the Zhukovsky Air Force Academy, graduating in 1968 and Zhukovsky Academy military course in 1978.

In 1978, graduated from a test pilot school (helicopters).

In March 1960, was selected for cosmonaut corps. Successfully completed two space flights (1965, 1975). He was the first person in human history to go on an open spacewalk (18 March 1965), and received training to join the lunar project. In 1974, was deputy director of the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center and commander of cosmonaut corps. During his second space mission in 15-21 July 1975 he was aboard the Soyuz-19 commanding a link-up with American Apollo (first international orbital station).

In 1992—1993, Alexey Leonov was a director of Chetek Space Programs. Awarded with Academy of Science Tsiolkovsky medal and two grand gold medals «Cosmos» (FAI). A crater on the back side of the moon was named in his honor.

He is a member of the USSR Union of Artists. Co-authored with V. I. Lebedev the books of «Perception of space and time in the cosmos», «Psychological problems of interplanetary travel», «In the outer space», «Solar wind».

Profile Cosmonaut, 1-class military pilot, major-general in aviation, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Hero of Socialist Labor of Bulgaria, Hero of Vietnam, laureate of state prize (1981), full member of the International Academy of Astronautics, full member of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics, co-chairman of the International Association of Astronauts, Cand. Sc. in engineering (1981).