Alexey Leonov

Alexey Leonov

Advisor to First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors

Has been with Alfa Group since 1992

From 1992 to 2000 — Alfa-Capital Foundation President

From 2000 — Advisor — Alfa-Bank Vice-President

In 1953 — graduated from secondary school

In 1955 — graduated from the 10th
Military Pilot Primary Instruction School in Kremenchuk

In 1957 —graduated from the Chuhuiv Military Pilot School

In 1960 — joined the first Soviet cosmonaut team

March 18-19, 1965 — went on a space mission together with Pavel Belyayev as the co-pilot of the Voskhod-2 spaceship. Leonov went on the world’s first spacewalk, which lasted for 12 minutes and nine seconds, during that flight

In 1967 — joined the lunar project; headed the lunar group, and became the commander of the first crew preparing to fly around the Moon. Leonov was supposed to be the first Soviet cosmonaut to circle the Moon

In 1968 — graduated from the Zhukovsky Air Force Engineering Academy

From 1971 — deputy head of the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, commander of the cosmonaut unit

July 15-21, 1975 — went on his second space mission as the commander of the Soyuz-19 spaceship. The mission saw the world’s first docking of the Soviet spaceship with the U.S. Apollo.

In 1978 — graduated from the Pilot Testing School (helicopters).

In 1981 — earned his Ph.D. in Technical Sciences

Member of the Soviet Artists’ Union. Author of the books titled, «Peculiarities of Cosmonauts’ Psychological Activity», «Temporal and Spatial Perception in Outer Space», «Going on Spacewalk», «Solar Wind», «Time of the First. My Destiny is Me».

An art enthusiast. Leonov’s works have been demonstrated at numerous exhibitions and galleries. He has released six art albums together with artist Andrey Sokolov. An art album, «Earth and Space Paintings by Alexei Leonov», was published in 2001. An expanded edition of the art album was published in 2004; it comprised new works and drawings of the previous years, as well as gave a description of methods of measuring angular dimensions of optical phenomena and color and light characteristics of the underlying terrain in the approach of spaceships and stations. The album had a circulation of 2,000.


Soviet pilot-cosmonaut; military pilot 1st class; Air Force Major General; twice Hero of the Soviet Union; Hero of the Socialist Labor of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria; Hero of Labor of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam; winner, 1981 State Award; active member, the International Academy of Astronautics; active member, the Russian Academy of Astronautics; co-chair, the Association of Space Explorers; Ph.D. in Technical Sciences (1981); Honorary Citizen of the Moscow region and the cities of Kaluga, Perm, Vologda, Kemerovo, Nalchik, Kaliningrad, Vladimir, Belgorod (Russia), Druskininkai (Latvia), Karaganda, Jezkazgan, Arkalyk (Kazakhstan), Los Angeles, New York, Houston, San Antonio, San Francisco, Washington DC, Atlanta, Nashville, Salt Lake City, Chicago (the United States), Ústí nad Labem (the Czech Republic), Altenburg (Germany), Sofia, Pleven, Varna, Vidin, Silistria, Plovdiv, Svyschiv, Kolarovgrad, and some others. A crater on the Moon was named after Leonov.