Receivables and Payables Optimisation

Drawing on Alfa-Bank’s experience in the debt markets we have recently seen the new growth in demand for services related to the non-traded debt instruments such as bilateral and syndicated loans, trade receivables and the like.

In anticipation of these developments Alfa-Bank has formulated a service offering to help its clients optimise their receivables and payables and deal with other challenges arising from sustaining their portfolios be it from the lenders’ or from the borrowers’ perspective.

Working for a client Alfa-Bank can acquire its claims against third parties or debts owed by the client itself as well as assist with out of court settlements and take over claims in the process of litigation.

Alfa-Bank has traditionally focussed on the following debt instruments:

  1. Current corporate obligations, including bilateral or syndicated loans.
  2. Corporate debt in arrears, including bilateral or syndicated loans and overdue promissory notes.
  3. Trade receivables past due for equipment and services provided (including large scale EPC contracts).
  4. Claims arising from finance and operating lease contracts, corporate guarantees and indemnities.

For the Bank to be engaged on a claim, the receivable has to be thoroughly documented.

Through our services our customers can reduce their working capital requirement, mitigate credit risk of their debtors, enhance liquidity and achieve preferential debt service terms vis-a-vis their own lenders.

Alfa-Bank has a proven track record and ample resources to add client value in many areas of corporate debt finance.


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