Alfa-Bank named best Russian bank for wealthy and corporate clients

Alfa-Bank’s Alfa Private has won the client award, SPEAR’S Russia Wealth Management Awards 2017, which is Russia’s only private banking and wealth management award, as the best Russian wealth management and corporate bank.

It was the 9th SPEAR’S Russia Wealth Management Awards ceremony. The award is an analogue of the UK’s SPEAR’S Wealth Management Awards annually awarded by the journal SPEAR’S UK in London. The award’s organizers are the journal SPEAR’S Russia and the website

Alfa-Direct wins Digital Heights Award

The Alfa-Direct mobile application has won the Digital Heights Award in the Best Financial Management and Reporting System nomination. The award ceremony took place at the Skolkovo Techno-Park on December 14.

Digital Heights is the national IT award encouraging the best domestic efficiency solutions. The award jury included representatives of big and medium business, civil servants, venture investors, employees of government funds supporting business, and the media. The jury assessed the importance of the addressed problem and the efficiency of its solution.

The award is supported by the Russian Economic Development Ministry, the Russian Communications and Mass Media Ministry, the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, and the Skolkovo Techno-Park.

Forbes named Mikhail Fridman businessman of the year

The business magazine has noted the 2017 investment activity of Mikhail Fridman. The chairman of the Alfa Group Consortium’s Supervisory Board is the first entrepreneur named businessman of the year by Forbes for a second time.

Five years ago, Fridman was chosen as the principal organizer of the selling of a 50% stake in TNK-BP to Rosneft for $28 bln. The LetterOne Holding was established in Luxembourg in 2013 for investing the returns in the West. LetterOne closed two major deals in 2017: it bought the UK healthy food chain Holland & Barrett for $2.3 bln, and invested $3 bln in the new fund of Pamplona Capital Management.


Moody’s Investors Service rating agency upgrades Alfa-Bank’s rating from Ba2 to Ba1

The Moody’s Investors Service international rating agency upgraded Alfa-Bank’s long-term rating of national-currency deposits and the senior national and foreign-currency unsecured debt rating from Ba2 to Ba1 on October 31, 2017. The agency confirmed the bank’s long-term foreign currency rating as Ba2 due to Russia’s foreign-currency sovereign rating. The outlook was stable.

The agency noted an improvement of the bank’s asset quality in the first half of 2017: the bank managed to reduce the share of non-performing loans from the peak level of 12.7% in late 2015 to 9.2%.  The lesser cost of risk and funds significantly improved the bank’s profitability: the bank saw 1.5% return on assets in 2016 and 2.2% year-on-year return in the first half of 2017.  The agency indicated the high level of capital adequacy and liquidity supported with the constantly growing deposit base: the share of liquid assets stood at 28% of Alfa-Bank’s total assets.

Alfa-Bank wins Best Private Banking Russia Wealth&Money Management Awards 2017

The Wealth & Finance magazine has named the winners of Wealth & Money Management Awards 2017. Alfa-Private of Alfa-Bank, the only Russian bank nominated for the award, won the Best Private Banking Russia nomination.

The Wealth & Money Management Awards 2017 rewards the dedicated and selfless work in the field of asset management, financial planning, private banking for high net worth individuals, and specialized banking services.

Alfa-Bank leads by individual entrepreneur current account opening

Alfa-Bank has been named one of Top 3 banks in terms of easy and convenient opening of current accounts for small business.  TheMarkswebb Rank & Report analytical agency ranked Alfa-Bank second with the shortest time of interaction with the bank: it took slightly more than 30 minutes to open the account, including a meeting with the client manager.

The mystery shopper research was made in June-August 2017. Mystery shoppers opened individual entrepreneur accounts in 20 Russian banks and recorded the entire process, from filing an application online to the moment the client’s current account was opened and the Internet banking service was connected. The account opening process was appraised by four criteria, namely the possibility of opening the account without visiting a bank office, the overall time of contact with the bank, the overall complexity of contact with the bank, and the overall time of waiting for the bank’s response excluding days off.


Alfa-Bank shareholders, top managers rank high in Top 1000 Russian Managers rating

Alfa-Bank shareholders and top managers ranked high in the Top 1000 Russian Managers rating of the Russian Managers Association and the publishing house Kommersant.

Once again, Chairman of the Alfa Group Consortium’s Supervisory Board Mikhail Fridman and Chairman of the Alfa-Bank Group’s Board of Directors Petr Aven were named “leading businessmen and managers of strategic enterprises creating the Russian economy’s image.”

Alfa-Bank Chief Executive Officer Alexey Marey headed the rating of private bank top managers.

The Co-Head of Alfa-Bank’s Corporate Investment Bank, Maxim Pershin, ranked second in the relevant rating.

Leonid Ignat, Alfa-Bank’s Information Policy and Public Relations Director, again topped the list of private bank corporate and public relations directors, and Mikhail Grishin was the best amongst legal department directors.

Alfa-Bank’s CFO Alexey Tchoukhlov, Head of Information Technologies Martin Piletsky, Human Resources Director Shlomit Gruman-Navot, and Marketing Director Oksana Belyayeva were listed in the relevant Top 3 ratings.

The Top 1000 Russian Managers rating has been annually published over 18 years as an instrument of impartial evaluation of the professional reputation of Russian top managers.

Alfa-Bank wins Visa international awards for security and focus on clients

Alfa-Bank won the 2016 Visa Global Service Quality Award of the Visa international payment system for high-quality operational services to its clients, Visa cardholders. For the fourth time in a row, the bank won the Best International Risk Efficiency and Chargeback Effectiveness nominations. Alfa-Bank was named the best by those parameters amongst 21,000 member banks of the Visa international payment system.

The Best International Risk Efficiency nomination is based on the minimal ratio of frauds to the total number of transactions amid the highest number of approved transactions. The winner needs to build the correct and optimal risk-monitoring mechanism with the best level of successful transactions.

The Chargeback Effectiveness nomination is based on the processing of client claims regarding transactions and their reimbursement.

Alfa-Private named top private bank in Forbes rating

Alfa-Bank has been named the top private bank in the Forbes annual rating of banks offering private banking services and third in the general rating. The bank moved one position up since 2016.


Alfa-Bank rated by Expert RA

The rating agency Expert RA awarded the ruAA national credit rating with a stable outlook to Alfa-Bank on August 29, 2017.

The rating is more than sufficient to meet regulatory documents, including the procedure for depositing federal budget money, which requires that a financial entity is rated by both Expert RA and the Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA). Alfa-Bank was the first strategic bank to receive an ACRA rating in November 2016.

Expert RA believes that Alfa-Bank, a strategic bank and the biggest private bank of Russia, has solid positions in the field of crediting, and retail and corporate banking, and surpasses other private banks by the amount of individual and term deposits. The agency praised diversification of the bank’s operating income and a high level of operating costs’ coverage by net interest and commission income. The broad geography of operations and a high level of diversification of the bank’s clientele and corporate credit portfolio by sectors contributed to the rating. The agency also approved of the efficient risk management system, high quality of the corporate management system, and the positive public credit history, including over-ten-year attraction of subordinated bonds, both redeemable and irredeemable, on global capital markets. The agency’s analysts noted a good stock of liquidity and the bank’s access to a broad range of additional liquidity sources.


Alfa-Bank website named best for small business by Markswebb

The Markswebb Rank&Report analytical agency assessed the efficiency of Russian bank websites as a channel of settlement and cash services for small business. The Alfa-Bank website was named the best for deciding to open a current account.

The best website was chosen by three types of potential clients: prospective entrepreneurs, incumbent entrepreneurs, and accountants participating in the choice of the bank for opening a current account.


Private banking clients name Alfa-Private best banking brand in 2017, according to Frank Research Group

Alfa-Bank has become a laureate in the Best Banking Brand nomination by private banking clients in 2017, according to the Frank Research Group research company.

The survey covered 17 banks controlling 75% of the Russian wealth management service.

Frank RG Private Banking Rating is the annual rating of banks offering private banking services in Russia; it is based on a profound analysis of major characteristics and offers made to wealthy clients. A uniform rating of the compliance with the criteria of the classic wealth management model was presented in 2017.


Investors Service upgrades Alfa-Bank’s creditworthiness from Ba3 to Ba2

The Moody’s Investors Service international rating agency upgraded Alfa-Bank’s creditworthiness from Ba3 to Ba2 and confirmed the bank’s long-term rating as Ba2 with a stable outlook on May 24, 2017.

The upgrade reflected the agency’s opinion that Alfa-Bank’s financial indicators have improved and Moody’s expects them to be stable in the long-term perspective.

Alfa-Bank again ranks first by Forex turnover in Central and Eastern Europe

Alfa-Bank’s Forex business has been the biggest in Central and Eastern Europe for two years in a row, according to the annual rating of the portal Euromoney.

The bank occupied the 23th place in the global rating alongside major investment banks and funds. This position proves the correct choice made by the bank’s current clients and offers potential clients new opportunities of gaining support to their foreign economic activity, especially conversion, from Alfa-Bank.

The Forex market survey of the magazine Euromoney is the only acknowledged Forex market rating.


Alfa-Bank leads in Financial Sphere Award

Alfa-Bank won as many as six nominations of the Financial Sphere Annual Innovations and Financial Achievements Award established by the journal Bankovskoye Obozrenie (Banking Review).

Mikhail Povaliy, a member of the Alfa-Bank Executive Board and Head of Retail Business, was named the Person of Retail.  The inaugural New Russian Private nomination was won by Alfa-Bank’s Private Banking. Irina Elistratova, the Director of Alfa-Bank’s BI Center, was declared the winner in the IT Head nomination. In addition, Alfa-Bank was victorious in the Reporting Implementation and Marketing Move nominations, while the Flow Digital online platform based on the p2b principle of crediting ranked second in the Non-Bank of the Year nomination.

The Financial Sphere Award is bestowed in 16 nominations for the previous year’s achievements. The award aims at finding smart, innovative, and progressive solutions to the standard range of financial instruments and puts them in the professional community’s spotlight. The award addresses banking and financial products and solutions and methods of their implementation either individually available on the market or designed for banks and financial companies.

Bank releases best corporate journal, employs best editor

Alfa-Bank was highly appraised in the corporate media market, winning the Best Corporate Media 2017 contest. The journal Alfa-Navigator was elected the Best Corporate Journal, and Corporate Media Chief Editor Mikhail Ivanov became the Best Corporate Media Editor.

The contest was held by the Russian Association of Communication Directors and Corporate Publishing. More than 150 companies from all over the CIS competed in 20 nominations. The contest’s expert board comprised authoritative specialists of publishing business and corporate PR.


Fitch Ratings upgrades outlook for Alfa-Bank from negative to stable

The Fitch Ratings international rating agency upgraded the outlook for Alfa-Bank from negative to stable and confirmed its long-term rating as BB on March 30, 2017. The review reflects the agency’s opinion that the pressure on Alfa-Bank’s asset quality and profitability has reduced amid general economic stabilization in Russia.

Alfa-Bank’s ratings, which are the highest amongst Russian private banks, are based on its well-developed business, substantial clientele, which includes the biggest and most reliable state-run and private companies, strong management, and the history of successful dealing with several crises on the Russian market.

Alfa-Bank declared winner of Euromoney magazine’s Private Banking Survey 2017

Alfa-Bank has been declared a winner of the annual rating by the Euromoney magazine’s Private Banking Survey 2017. The bank won in the “Innovative Technologies – Client Experience Russia” nomination.

Regular Euromoney ratings are deemed to be the most authoritative ones in the financial sector. Ranking participants assess the activity of their rivals in the private banking segment, and an expert commission summarizes the results. The Euromoney magazine has been posting annual ratings of banks and leaders of the financial sector and the capital market since 1991. Self-nomination is not allowed: all entities can do is to assess other market actors. Thusб the victory in any nomination means the recognition by the entire banking community.


S&P Global Ratings upgrades outlook for Alfa-Bank from stable to positive

The S&P Global Ratings international rating agency upgraded the outlook for Alfa-Bank from stable to positive and confirmed its long-term rating as BB on February 20, 2017.

The agency indicated enhanced capitalization of the bank and an increase of its capital stock achieved by means of the $700 mln issue of perpetual subordinated Eurobonds in late 2016. The agency believes that Alfa-Bank Group will be demonstrating higher profitability and asset quality than comparable Russian private banks during the next two years.


Alfa-Bank named No1 book-runner amongst Russian banks in 2016

Alfa-Bank was named No1 book-runner amongst Russian banks and No4 amongst global actors on the CIS syndicated loan market, according to the news agency Bloomberg.



Alfa-Bank wins Financial Olympus Award in ‘Reliable Bank’ nomination

Alfa-Bank won Financial Olympus Award in the ‘Reliable Bank’ nomination. The maximum liquidity rating and dynamics were the main nomination criterion.

National Financial Olympus Award is a professional prize annually bestowed on successful companies operating on the Russian financial market.

Alfa-Bank declared premium baking service leader

Alfa-Bank and its Maximum ++ premium program were listed in the Top 3 premium banking services by Frank Research Group. The Bank also won the ‘Best Remote Banking Service’ nomination with its special offer for clients of Maximum + service package and Alfa-Mobile Premium A-Club.


NEXT card becomes National Payment Initiative System contest finalist

The NEXT youth card won the best non-cash payment practice contest, National Payment Initiative, held on the sidelines of the IV National Payment Forum.


Alfa-Bank leads on transaction business market

Alfa-Bank was recognized the leader in terms of transaction business growth rates based on the survey titled ‘Cash Management in Russia: Market Leaders’ of the RAEX (Expert RA) rating agency supported by the Association of Corporate Treasurers.


Alfa-Bank shareholders, top managers again rank amongst best managers

Alfa-Bank shareholders and top managers were once again named as Russia’s best managers; they occupied the first 17 positions in the annual ranking Top 1000 Russian Managers prepared by the Kommersant Publishing House together with the Russian Managers Association.


Alfa-Bank wins again

Alfa-Bank won 2015 Visa Global Service Quality Performance Awards of the VISA payment system for high quality of operational service to bank clients – VISA card holders.

Alfa-Bank won its fifth award in the nominations of ‘Authorization Approval Rate’ with the highest ratio of debit product authorization approval and ‘Risk Efficiency’ with the highest ratio of risk management efficiency.


Forbes names Alfa-Bank Private Banking best amongst Russian private banks for millionaires

A-Club Private Banking topped the Forbes rating of Best Russian bank for millionaires amongst Russian private banks. The private banking ranking of Russian banks was based on a number of parameters, such as the opinion of bankers, financial performance of banks, the number of certified employees, the presence of bank offices in foreign countries, and the product range.


Alfa-Bank wins ‘Best Retail Service’ nomination

Alfa-Bank won the ‘Best Retail Service’ nomination as a client-oriented bank known for its impeccable retail service.

Ahead of the FinWin 2016 forum, the FutureBanking portal started a series of nominations for financial service achievements amongst banks and financial companies. The FutureBanking community and bank clients chose the nominees and the winners in the edition’s social networks. Readers supported the candidates, and the best were named in an open vote.


Alfa-Bank ranks first by Forex turnover in Central and Eastern Europe

According to the survey conducted by the authoritative portal Euromoney, Alfa-Bank ranked first by Forex turnover in Central and Eastern Europe posting a share of over 18% (vs. 7%, the fourth position in the previous year) and climbed ten positions to the 21st place in the world rating with a share of about 1%. In the European ranking, Alfa-Bank was listed together with such global giants as JPMorgan (market share of 12%) and Citi (9%).

Alfa-Bank recognized as one of most impressive borrowers in emerging markets

Financial market experts and global capital market actors lauded the $500 mln Alfa-Bank Eurobond issue closed in 2015.

It was the first public offering of Eurobonds conducted on such a scale by a Russian financial institution after the global financial community had revised the outlook for Russia’s country risk due to the 2014 events. Experts were polled by the authoritative financial edition Global Capital at the end of 2015. Alfa-Bank won the following nominations:

It ranked second in the ‘Most Impressive EM (ex. Asia) Financial Institution Borrower’ nomination (Alfa-Bank ranked second to National Bank of Abu Dhabi and surpassed Emirates NBD Bank, which ranked third);

It came third in the ‘Most Impressive Borrower in CEЕMEA (Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa)’ nomination (Poland ranked first, and Turkey occupied the second position).


Alfa-Bank receives award for project implementing Basel Committee on Banking Supervision standards

Alfa-Bank was awarded for a project implementing Basel Committee on Banking Supervision standards (Basel II, Basel III): for the concept and team approach in the Security, Fraud, and Risk Management nomination of the contest of the company Celent, a member of Oliver Wyman Group – a global management consulting company. The jury took a pick from over 120 global projects and institutions. Only 18 banks were declared victorious. The award ceremony took place at the Museum of American Finance in the very heart of Wall Street in NY, NY.


Alfa-Bank wins ‘Best Forex Desk’ award of Moscow International Currency Association’s Dealer of the Year contest for fourth year in a row

Alfa-Bank won the 2015 Best Forex Desk award in the Moscow International Currency Association (MICA)’s Dealer of the Year contest. The XIV award ceremony of the MICA Dealer of the Year contest took place in Moscow on April 12.


Alfa-Bank call center again recognized as Russia’s best

Alfa-Bank again won the international contest Crystal Headset in the ‘Best Financial Call Center’ nomination. Alfa-Bank was also the best in a number of team and individual nominations. More than 250 contestants representing over a hundred call centers from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and other countries participated in the contest.

Alfa-Bank wins four nominations of Banking Sphere Award

Alfa-Bank ranked amongst the top three winners in the Banking Sphere Award nominations of the most innovative bank, small and medium business, interaction with industry media, and payment service.

The Banking Sphere Award is bestowed for innovative and efficient solutions for a standard set of bank products and their ability to draw expert attention. A panel of 78 experts, analysts, banks and representatives of the Russian financial market infrastructure named winners in 18 nominations. All the nominees were assessed by economic and technological parameters of a solution or a bank product. Alfa-Bank has been winning in various nominations since the award was established.

Alfa-Bank named most reliable of Russian private banks

The annual Forbes ranking of reliable banks named Alfa-Bank the most reliable of Russian private banks. The business edition based its rating of bank reliability on information from Russian and foreign agencies, among them Expert RA, Interfax, S&P, Fitch, Moody’s, and financial institutions.

Alfa-Bank demonstrated the best performance amongst Russian private banks. Its assets stood at Rub 2225.3 bln at the year beginning.

Association of Factoring Companies lists Alfa-Bank amongst three factoring leaders in Russia in 2015

Alfa-Bank was listed amongst Russia’s three factoring leaders in 2015 by the Association of Factoring Companies. The Alfa-Bank posted factoring turnover of Rub 158.635 bln and control of 9% of the market in 2015. The Top Five consisted of VTB Factoring (24%), Promsvyazbank (19%), Alfa-Bank (9%), Otkritie FC Bank (8%), and Gazprombank Factoring (7%).


A-Club joins Russian market’s Top Five

Alfa-Bank ​​​​​​​​​​​​Private Banking (A-Club) has become a member of the Russian market’s Top Five in the Private Banking & Wealth Management category, according to Research Group.

02.2016 named Alexey Marey Banker of the Year

The portal named Alfa-Bank CEO Alexey Marey 2015 Banker of the Year.


Alfa-Bank named most profitable private bank in 2015

​Alfa-Bank posted the highest profit amongst Russian private banks in 2015. Its net profit grew by 1.6% to Rub 49.5 bln.


Alfa-Bank becomes major bookrunner amongst Russian banks in Russia and CIS

​Alfa-Bank was named No1 bookrunner amongst Russian banks and ranked sixth amongst global players on the CIS market, according to Bloomberg.



Alexey Marey – Best Bank Manager of the Year

On 9 December 2015, Moscow hosted the 9th annual awards ceremony held by Retail Finance journal for achievements in the development of retail finance market – Retail Finance Awards. The main prize of the Retail Finance Awards in the category “Best Bank Manager of the Year” by the decision of Retail Finance editor’s office was awarded to Alfa-Bank Board Member, Chief Executive Officer, Member of Alfa-Bank Managing Board, Alexey Marey.


Alfa-Bank — the best bank in Russia for affluent clients according to Forbes.

Alfa-Bank’s А-Club topped the Forbes rating “Best Private Banks and Wealth Managers” for affluent clients. The rating assessed participants of private banking and wealth management industries in the category “Russian Bank for Clients with Assets up to USD20M.”


Alfa-Bank won in four categories of VISA payment system global competition.

Alfa-Bank won in four categories of the annual competition among the global payment system member-banks – VISA Global Service Quality Awards. At year-end 2014, Alfa-Bank was named the world’s best bank by the share of approved transactions, best in Russia and in the world by “effectiveness of card risk management” and by the “disputed transaction-to-turnover ratio”.


Alfa-Bank ­— the best bank for premium clients according to the Banking community.

Frank Research Group named Alfa-Bank the best bank for premium clients according to the banking community. The rating was compiled on the basis of interviews with market participants. Out of 19 respondents 11 rated their competitors’ programs. Alfa-Bank became the leader according to market players. In addition, Alfa-Bank scored second in the rating “Best Bank for Premium Clients 2015.”

Alfa-Bank joined the TOP-50 Europe’s Banks

Alfa-Bank joined the TOP-50 Europe’s Banks by the volume of debit card transactions according to the survey made by the global leader of ratings among companies engaged in bank cards and POS-terminal solutions – The Nilson Report. Alfa-Bank entered the TOP-50 Europe’s Banks by the volume of debit card transactions in 2014 being the second Russian bank to appear on the list. At the end of last year, the bank had over 4 million active debit cards accounting for over USD6Bn of purchases.


Alfa-Bank new web-site ranked first among digital projects of 2014-2015 in Tagline rating.

Alfa-Bank new web-site was named an outstanding digital project of 2014-2015. This was decided by the experts of the largest analytical agency Tagline in the course of their annual survey of the Russian market of digital production. The TOP-100 Russian digital production (web-studios, web-productions) is issued for the 10th time, being the only survey of its kind and widely popular in the professional community.


Alfa-Bank — the best bank for affluent clients according to Frank RG

Alfa-Bank — the best bank for affluent clients according to Frank Research Group. Frank RG rated 16 banks offering Private Banking & Wealth Management services in Russia.

Alfa-Bank is again the best.

Alfa-Bank won in three categories in a row at the Third Annual Awards for Innovations and achievements in the financial area “Banking Area” organized by the “Banking Survey” journal. For the second year running, the bank has won the category of the “Most Innovative Bank” as the financial institution introducing the most up-to-date and cutting-edge technologies in its activities.



Alfa-Bank won the award in the category «Best deal of Eurobonds’ primary distribution»

This deserved award was given to the representatives of Alfa-Bank during the gala dinner of the Russian bond congress, which was held on the 5 of December 2014 in St. Petersburg


Alfa-Bank named most client-oriented bank

Alfa-Bank became a winner of the Banks Nomination of the annual Client-Oriented Business Leader Award and the Most Client-Oriented Bank nomination


Alfa-Bank won the award in the field of support of small and medium-sized businesses named «Osnova Rosta»

The Alfa-Bank’s Customer Club Project won the top award of the all-Russia business in the field of support of small and mediumsized businesses named «Osnova Rosta». Alfa-Bank won the Event-Trigger Project of the Year Nomination.


Alfa-Mobile mobile banking service again ranks best

The Markswebb Rank & Report agency ranked the Alfa-Mobile first in the Mobile Banking Rank 2014 as the most effective online retail banking service for tablets.


Alfa-Business Online leads in small business online banking system

Alfa-Business Online became a leader among the most effective online banking systems for small business. The Markswebb Rank & Report Business agency ranked Alfa-Business Online second in the Business Internet Banking Rank 2014.


Alfa-Bank Processing Center named one of world best by service quality

The Alfa-Bank Processing Center was again recognized as a world major in terms of services provided in 2013. The Bank won four nominations of the Visa Award.


Alfa-Bank was named the best private bank by Euromoney

According to Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey-2014 research conducted by the European financial magazine Euromoney, Alfa Bank was named the best private bank in Russia.



Alfa-Bank is best again

Alfa-Bank won three nominations of the 2nd Annual Innovation and Finance Award named «Bankovskaya Sfera» given by Bankovskaya Sfera journal. The bank won the Most Innovative Bank Nomination as a financial institution using the best available technologies.



Deloitte ranked Alfa-Bank among the top three online banks of Russia

According to the Deloitte consulting company survey, Alfa-Bank became a leader in terms of online applications available on the Russian market.



Alfa-Bank was named the Best Retail Bank in 2013.

RETAIL FINANCE AWARDS for the second time in a row named Alfa-Bank Best Retail Bank in 2013 and Customer Service Quality Leader The awards are given by editors of The Retail Finance magazine based on their own vision and analysis of the retail financial market.

Alfa-Bank again won its annual award in the category Private Banking & Wealth Management within SPEAR’S Russia Wealth Management Awards 2013

First Russian annual award in Private Banking & Wealth Management. This year Alfa-Bank won in the category «Most Innovative Bank».

Alfa-Bank is Russian Internet Bank Development Benchmarking Leader

For the second time in a row Forrester Research named Alfa-Bank Russian Internet Bank Development Benchmarking Leader.


«Alfa-Click» — Best Internet Bank Global Financial Market Review named «Alfa-Click» Best Internet Bank in 2013.

Ranking leaders were defined by the expert council of independent editors and by subscribers’ voting results.


Alfa-Bank ranked First for the Efficiency of Tablet Computer Mobile Applications.

Markswebb Rank & Report ranked Alfa-Bank first for the efficiency of tablet computer mobile applications in its Tablet Banking Rank 2013. The survey covered 11 iPad applications offered

by largest Russian banks. As a result, among all iPad applications graded by their efficiency, functionality and convenience Alfa-Bank’s Tablet Bank was named the best, almost completely replicating the functionality and interface capabilities of Alfa-Mobile for iPhone. Tablet Banking Rank 2013 — is an addition to the annual survey of Mobile Banking Rank 2013 covering all banking applications for tablet computers.


Alfa-Bank ranked first among mobile and Internet banks in Russia winning in three categories according to Markswebb Rank & Report and COMNEWS.

Diplomas were awarded at the conference «E-payments Russia 2013 — Electronic Payment Systems, Mobile Payments and Systems in Russia». Alfa-Bank is the winner In the categories:

  • best in efficiency overall grade;
  • best in user convenience;
  • best mobile bank for Android.


Alfa-Bank received Visa Award for 2012 performance period.

Alfa-Bank received Visa Service Quality Performance Award in the category «Highest International

Approval Rate Debit Consumer Issuer» second time in a row. The Visa Service Quality Performance Awards were established to recognize exceptional card operations performance by issuers, acquirers and processors. Award in the category «Highest International Approval Rate. Debit Consumer Issuer» is given to the financial companies with exceptional service quality in Visa served bankcard operations. This award demonstrates both the high quality work of our processing center and the financial literacy of our customers.


Alfa Mobile Banking Ranked Best Again

Markswebb Rank & Report ranked Alfa Mobile Banking best in terms of its efficiency for individual customers. The assessment was carried out among 30 largest expert graded banks, covering 93 functionalities and 80 convenience criteria. Rank winning is evidence that today Alfa Bank has most advanced mobile banking system. For the last six months Alfa Mobile has won over 35% new customers.


Alfa-Click was named «Best Internet Bank».

Markswebb Rank & Report in its Internet Banking Rank 2013 again named Alfa-Click «Best Internet

Bank» by its functionality and convenience among other Russian banks. The survey covered 40 internet banking systems, of which 30 are among top banks leading in loan and deposit volumes, with 10 expert chosen banks based on their interface and usability tests. Methodology included interface examinations and a number of usability tests.