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Corporate Head Office

27 Kalanchevskaya Street
Moscow 107078
Russian Federation
Tel.+7 495 620-91-91

Telex412089 ALFARU

Alfa-Bank provides the possibility for all Mastercard and Visa cardholders to make ATM cash withdrawals without extra charges in Gazprombank, MDM Bank, Credit Bank of Moscow, Promsvyazbank, Rosbank, Russian Agricultural Bank, Ural Bank for Reconstrucion and Development, Baltiyskiy Bank, B&N BANK.

Clients can also use ATMs for refilling their bank accounts with no fee in Alfa-Bank's ATMs as well as ATMs of partner banks: Credit Bank of Moscow, Ural Bank for Reconstrucion and Development, MDM Bank and Gazprombank in Moscow and Moscow Region.

The commision for operation of inquiry of the rest on the account is collected at a rate of 30 RUR.

Offices and Branches

Media and PR

Head of International Media & PR
Anastasia Glukhova
Head of Investor Relations
Anna Kaminskaya
Tel.+7 495 795-37-11
Fax+7 495 788-03-89

Financial Institutions

Victoria Smirnova
Head of Financial Institutions