«Alfa-Chance» program

«Alfa-Bank» OJSC has always been and remains committed invariably to the principles of socially responsible business. In the course of its entire history, the Bank contributed to the programs oriented to support talented young people. In 1995, the Bank decided to select the most competent school graduates from different regions of Russia and give them an opportunity to receive an education in the best universities and high schools in Russia. Since then, 37 finalists of the «Alfa-Chance» program, having graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Moscow State University, Moscow State University of Engineering named after Baumann, Russian Economic Academy named after Plekhanov, Financial Academy, Moscow State University of Linguistics, and, certainly, the State University of the Higher School of Economics (SU-HSE), started to work successfully in leading Russian and international companies.

Previously, most of the participants to the program of 2002 entered specifically the SU-HSE, and while the program was under reform, it was decided to support the phased conduct of the All-Russia School Knowledge Olympics organized by the given university. Such Olympics can be rightfully considered as the perfect instrument to select the best of the best, and it most precisely corresponds to the character of the «Alfa-Chance» program, which is designed to find the most gifted school graduates from all parts of Russia and help them «enchant the capital city».

In October 2008 it was decided by the Bank authorities that the selection of «would- be- fellows» from the first year students in the 14 faculties at the State University of Higher School of Economics, who had won the All-Russia School Knowledge Olympics, would take place more frequently — that is, every year. This means that there will be two groups taking part in the program simultaneously. The program is accessible for talented students from the regions rather than from Moscow or Saint-Petersburg. As provided by the «Alfa-Chance» program, for the first two years of study 20 fellow students will receive the special branded stipend (the largest in Russia!) in the amount of 10 thousand Rubles per month.

One might ask, why this stipend would be payable exactly in the first two years of study? The answer is simple and clear: The first two years at the University is the most difficult period for these students, as they have to adapt to the new system of learning and the increase of mental workload, while facing daily living problems and having to accommodate to living independently, far away from their homes and families. In addition to financial assistance, information support is also provided in the form of joint web conferences and press conferences focused on the cooperation between the Bank and the University in the charity sphere.

The programs like «Alfa-Chance» are extremely important and necessary in the context of modern education systems and social responsibility. The program has more merits than just paying the Alfa-Bank stipend to fellow students coming from the periphery of Russia. Thanks to the «Alfa-Chance» program, they get an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge, to master the necessary skills for their future careers, and to apply their acquired skills in practice.

«Personal experiences of the Banks top managers are the main trigger for the development of the charity program. Many current directors of „Alfa-Bank“ OJSC started their ascent to the heights of business by coming to study in Moscow from different regions of Russia. Therefore, our fellow students will have a chance to meet them personally and to receive much more benefits than just mere financial support from the program — by hearing the real success stories, they will see a true-life example and will be motivated to follow it in future», says Leonid Ignat, «Alfa-Bank» OJSC Director for Information Policy and Public Relations.

All of the above will help «Alfa- fellows» create their objectives and to construct a clearly- cut road to their goals. Through this program the Bank contributes to the global mission of raising qualified entrepreneurs. The Bank does not rest idly on its laurels, as we understand that young talents need to be helped continuously. The «Alfa-Chance» program aims to find and develop creative potentials of talented young individuals in the regions of Russia, providing the proper conditions for their support as well as for their intellectual development and helping them in their professional orientation and further educational growth. Each person is willing to be successful, to reach certain heights; however, the opportunities to do so are not always available for everybody. Therefore we instituted our charity program that would offer the Chance to talented, purpose-oriented and promising young generations.

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